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Herbal Teas - Miraculous Power of Herbs.

Refreshing tonic phyto teas (tisanes) have become popular in the past few years. We see entire stores devoted to various flavors of teas. The French word tisane has come to mean a drink made from grass or any vegetative stuff - from chamomile to a mix of exotic plants such as rosehip or hibiscus. Though we call such beverages herbal teas, there is seldom a tea leaf in them! As a rule, there is just a small amount of half-fermented tea and a variety of other types of leaves or indeed, dried fruits or flowers.


There are many types of phyto teas, ranging from medicinal or prophylactic to everyday. Depending on the ingredients used, herbal teas can be fruit, flower or mixed. There are even tisanes that people use to maintain a stable weight. One such recipe made of Indian lotus leaves and palm catechu leaves was invented by the Chinese thousands of years ago. Some such mixtures contain yohimbine tree bark to contribute to the potency. The so-called everyday teas have some

tonic and restorative qualities, but they cannot compete with medicinal teas, which are characterized by striking therapeutic properties. It is advisable to consult with your doctor before consuming medicinal teas.


Miraculous power of herbs.

When choosing an herbal tea, it's important not to base your choice only on your gastronomic preferences (though they are essential too). You should analyze the health-giving qualities of tisane. Make sure you are familiar with all of the ingredients and that you are not allergic to anything in the mixture.

Phyto teas are typically based on two or three plants. In order to enhance their taste and strengthen their useful qualities, those plants are supplemented with different dried fruit, berries, natural oils, petals, herbs and aromatizes. The most common of the basic plants are hibiscus, dog rose, mate and roybush. Each has its own specialization.

Hibiscus is known as an herb which stimulates purging the body of impurities. It has a strongly marked R-vitamin activity; it strengthens vascular walls, protects liver from all unfavorable effects and improves bile formation. It also normalizes pressure. (When you have it hot, it heightens pressure, when you have it cold it lowers it). Hibiscus tea does not contain oxalic acid, which makes this tea safe for people suffering from kidney diseases. It refreshes you wonderfully on a hot day and can bring relief for a high fever.

Dog rose is an excellent vitamin source, which is highly competitive with commercially available vitamins. Apart from a high content of vitamin C, rosehips are rich in provitamin A, essential oils, calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, copper and phosphorus. It is useful for such diseases as atherosclerosis, bronchitis, gastritis with lower acidity, kidney diseases and bladder infections, rheumatism and other illnesses.

Mate tea has been a national beverage of the residents of