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Beverages – Information on Beverages good and bad.

contain, is a wonderful antiseptic. Even small amounts of ginseng and

magnolia-vine make a usual beverage exotic, giving them some new properties.

Coffee: To have or not to have?

We all have heard about the contradictory influence on the body of such

a pleasant drink as coffee. On the one hand a cup of good strong coffee

in the morning is the best way to “wake up” before starting

a new working day. On the other hand, stimulating our nervous system,

coffee exerts its pernicious influence on our memory and a person starts

finding it hard to remember generally known words. This fact has been

reported by scientists from the International Institute of Medical Researches

in Italy. The conclusion has been made on the basis of research in which

32 students from the local university participated.

The participants were divided into two equal groups, the first of which

got 200 mg of caffeine (approximately the amount that two coffee cups

contain). The second group got imitation pills that had no active substances

in them. After that, the students were asked to complete a simple test

in which they had to choose the right answer out of 10 proposed variations

(they had to choose a word meaning this or that social notion, the definition

of which was the question itself). If a student had a hard time when choosing

the right word, he got a prompting in a form of one to two syllabuses

of the needed word (that was the way of keeping an eye on the cases when

a student literally had the word on the “tip of his tongue”).

The analysis of the results achieved has proven that caffeine has to do

with both - stimulation of memory and on the contrary, to interfere with

the recollection of the needed word. The scientists have come to the conclusion

that caffeine influences the system of short-term memory, though it has

a different effect on different people. It affects the process of memorizing

and reproduction of information negatively in some cases, whereas in others,

people benefit from that stimulating function of caffeine. The mechanism

of this effect is unclear so far, and the diametrically opposite results

of “caffeine stimulation” research cannot be explained either.

But at the same time, French doctors have observed some obviously positive

caffeine effects on the human body. It has turned out that those who have

coffee regularly are less likely to get Parkinson’s disease. Apart

from that, some scientists believe that caffeine strengthens men’s

reproductive function. This is the opinion of the scientists of the American

Society of Reproductive Medicine. According to them, caffeine increases

the speed of sperm so that they successfully reach the ovule and fertilize

it. And three cups of strong coffee are quite enough to increase the reproduction

ability significantly.

Moreover, the scientists from the German Institute of Food Chemistry

claim that coffee protects our body from cancer. Their research has shown

that coffee contains certain substances possessing a high anti-carcinegenic

activity. And the most important of them is probably methylpyridine, which

almost every kind of coffee contains. When getting into intestines, it

neutralizes the things that cause cancer, thus protecting a man from cancerous

growth. By the way, scientists notice that the highest quantity of methylpyridine

is in espresso coffee.

Grapefruit juice.

The English word “grapefruit” means “the fruit of

grapes.” But as far as nutritional values go, there is nothing common

between grapes and this citrus fruit. As for the name, it came due to

the fact that there are usually up to 18 fruits on a branch. As a botanic

species and as a cultural plant, grapefruit became known only 100 years

ago. The frost resistance of the fruit is low and that is why is it cultivated

in warmer districts than other citruses can grow in. The US is considered

to be the world’s champion in grapefruit production.

It is not a secret that the first thing a woman who wants to lose weight

does is to go on a diet. It will be useful to remember that the best assistant

in fighting unnecessary pounds is grapefruit. The fruit of yellow or soft

pink colors that makes many people twist their mouths, contains a wonderful

substance, naringine, which is located directly below the skin and in

juice pellicles. Scientists have found out that it improves digestion,

activates liver performance and, therefore, contributes much to fat burning.

That is why excess pounds disappear naturally by themselves if you have

grapefruit regularly.

According to the research of Professor James Gerd of Florida University,

grapefruit pectin acts in the same way as the most efficient preparations

used for the decrease of cholesterol in the body. This is what the results

of his research testify to: only due to regular grapefruit consumption,

his patients have experienced an 18 percent loss of cholesterol. Grapefruit

glycosides and vitamins also help with the prophylaxis of atherosclerosis

and lowers blood pressure.

Many other yellow and orange fruit elates our mood, cheers us up and

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