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Beverages – Information on Beverages good and bad.

that’s why it is a great thing to have for breakfast. Grapefruit

oil helps to overcome apathy, enhances memory and attention. Freshly squeezed

grapefruit juice has a tonic effect on the body. They are especially useful

during recovery periods, and if you are healthy, grapefruit can help you

overcome fatigue and will give you strength after physical and mental


Grapefruit is considered a substance useful for the body. But it can

be dangerous for us too, in certain cases. As “Mednovosti.Ru”

state, specialists of the sister school of Rochester University Medical

Center (Great Britain) have proven that interaction of grapefruit juice

and some medicines can lead to some dangerous physical processes. The

thing is that grapefruit juice contains some substances that affect the

so-called microsomal liver ferments – certain proteins that participate

in the body’s protection from different toxic substances. Their

function is also influenced by some medicines, for example antibiotics,

hormone-containing contraception and anti-growth pills. Scientists believe

that doctors must warn their patients about the potential danger and when

prescribing medicine affected by grapefruit juice, doctors must remind

them that they have to restrain from grapefruit juice.

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