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Healthy Summer Tips for Kids

Summer Kids

Itís Summer, and most kids are at camp. Most of their time is spent outside playing sports and running around. Like a car, they need the right fuel and enough of it to stay healthy and keep going without over heating or stopping in their tracks.


Drink a lot of water

(this is the first and most important tip)

Our bodies are 70% water, and thatís what it needs to keep moving and to stay focused. Even a tiny amount of dehydration can affect our judgment and deplete our energy. So drink water all day, even if you are not thirsty.


The Food Pyramid is mightier than you think

Kids should eat a variety of foods to make sure they receive all of the nutrients they need to stay healthy. Itís important to eat at least three food groups at every meal Ė one should be a fruit or vegetable.


Explore New Foods

Trying a food you didnít like when you were younger might not be such a bad idea. As we grow, our tastes change. And the way a food is prepared can make all the difference. Donít be afraid to try some cauliflower or sweet potatoes at camp. You just might like it!


Listen to Your Body

If youíre thirsty, you better grab some water. And if you feel hungry, choose a whole, unprocessed food for some fuel. And if you feel full, donít eat ice cream or candy just because you like the way it tastes. You should only eat if youíre hungry. Pay attention to what you are feeling, and go from there.


Treat Your Body Right

Being healthy means eating right and exercising regularly. Most importantly, donít overdo it. If you are too hot, take a break and sit in the shade or go inside. Health first!!

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