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Ways to Attract Your Prince

Our moms and grandmas tell us that it’s better to be happy than beautiful whenever they see us stand in front of a mirror, repeating, “I’m beautiful and attractive,” as an act of auto-suggestion. Still, we are sure that beauty is a powerful weapon. This strong assurance can help if it’s not misused.


For example, you should strongly believe in what can help you to find your Mr. Right. Findings show that men are not that picky. Polls have found out exactly what about women attract men, and here are some conclusions.




Spending all your savings on designer clothes isn’t wise because men don't really care about brands and labels in particular. He may have a chance to see the labels on your clothes, picking them up from the floor after a passionate night, but at that moment, brands don’t matter and can’t make him change his mind about you.


In an everyday situation: in the street, in a club, or at work, he is likely to notice you if you are wearing provocative clothes, clothes that enhance but don’t demonstrate all your curves and round forms. Soft, flowing fabrics help to create this effect and induce him to fantasize how silky your skin is under the dress and how shapely your body is. It’s true that by outlining your body, you give him a hint and without it, he’ll get lost in his fantasies. So enhance your waist and open your shoulders.


Glass slippers


Obviously, you are not going to turn into Cinderella if you put on glass slippers but don’t find a Prince. But your chances to meet him are pretty fair if you are always ready for it and up to the mark. UP is always easier to reach if you are wearing high heels.


High-heeled, round-toed sandals showing your bare foot scored 5 points, according to the surveys. Clogs, showing bare heels, got 4 points. Comfortable, but not particularly popular with men, flats scored 3, and finally, platforms scored just 2 points.


Head of all.


According to the surveys, men didn’t turn out to be sophisticated experts in hairstyles. They didn’t show any particular preferences and equally like short and long hair, though there should be some charm about it. So classic long, sleek hair is considered dull, while shoulder-length, pulled up hair showing the neck is to men’s liking. If you have a lock flowing down, men can’t take their eyes off you. It’s worth mentioning that such extreme colors as bright red or blue don't attract men, and natural hues are preferable because men are conservative.




In men’s opinion, the most successful makeup is invisible: the more natural makeup is, the more attractive it is. You should create an effect that you are not wearing any. Too much eye shadow, mascara, powder may repel him.


Men have their own attitude to your lips and will mistake wet lips for greasy lips. Purple and lilac lips look deathly to them, and crimson lips are vulgar. If you are aware of this, you can please him with a little makeup and a lot of love.




Men are not original in this respect. Even in your accessories, they should see an element of flirting.


In other words, everything we put on our wrists and necks, insert in our ears should tease and motivate them to sing serenades to us. A chain with a hanging ornament on a woman’s neck attracts men’s attention to her cleavage. Bracelets help to enhance slender wrists, while big earrings and huge pendants look annoying. Besides, men are not particularly fond of piercing.


Let's make our face.


The chief seduction accessory is a smile on a woman’s face. There should be a smile on her face irrespective of the weather or her bad mood. Lifeless, aggressive, indifferent faces are not appealing and interesting, while happy faces are attractive. So if you want to give him a sign, just smile, and who knows, maybe it’s the first step on your way to happiness.

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