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Interior Design optical illusions, or how to change the space

upper corners.

To make a right-angled room look more square, to a monotonous illuminating

of the three walls you can add an expressed light stress on the forth

wall, the farthest one.

Besides that, try to experiment with the light underlying of some interior


Mirror Illusions

A mirror is an excellent way to broaden the room space. This effect

is created thanks to optical reflection in combination with décor

elements of a room. Experiments with a mirror and mirror surfaces are

always justified in small rooms.

A mirror can “move apart” walls, break the straightness

of lines, and make you forget about real proportions. Lightness effect

is created also by numerous glass furniture surfaces – it visually

makes the furniture lighter and “melts” it in the air.

Mirrored ceilings broaden the space best of all. They increase the space

height almost endlessly. Moreover, big mirror plates and clear glasses

will make any room bigger. This method is especially good in the interior

of a small-scale bathroom.

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