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Say it and Display it: The Power of Body Language

your hands the same way, placing your legs in the same position or just

imitating your interviewer’s posture. But be very careful. Sometimes

such imitation can lead to a result quite opposite. Intentional copying

of the interviewer’s gestures will help only when accompanied by

positive or constructive signs. For example, if your employer leaned back

in his chair showing who is in charge here, copying this gesture will

only irritate him. And of course it will be evident that you are imitating

if you exaggerate your movements.


you do not agree with something and want to interject your opinion on

principle issues, make your gestures more precise and postures more expressive,

but avoid threatening, aggressive postures.

And one more significant aspect: If during an interview we do something

embarrassing, many of us aggravate the situation by the following blushing,

murmuring some excuse or trying to explain our behavior. We might look

to the floor, perspire or make a strange face that makes us look very

self-conscious and unsure, though this may not be the case. As the old

saying goes, “Never apologize, never explain yourself.” This

seems arrogant and rude, but if the incident is really trivial you will

just draw unnecessary attention to it trying to make it up. If the employer

will is unsatisfied with you at the end of the discussion, it is probably

not because you expressed yourself with ambiguity or behaved oddly, but

because you lost your confidence and he noticed it. And before making

good use of all the resources you have to achieve your goal, ask yourself

this question: ”Can you show that you deserve to be entrusted and

depended upon if you were to get the job?” Remember,

that even the most well grounded arguments rarely have an effect if they

act independently, especially if they contradict the other aspects of

your behavior, chiefly your body language. You should not only convince

others with your communication, but you should also look and appear convincing.

It means that you should try to get a certain effect and achieve the highest

possible conformity between your words and body language. In this case

the realization of the fact that you are not only an applicant trying

to find a job, but a great find for the employer who can become a valuable

asset to their company. Your goal is to help him see his own benefit of

hiring you.

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