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How To French Kiss

It is better to say an unforgettable kiss. The term “French kiss” came out of the French culture, which has always been connected with love. In France this kiss is called “a kiss of souls”.


It’s best to begin with a variety of kisses with your mouth slightly open. It is this very moment when many people don’t know what to do and become nervous. Don’t panic if your heart begins to beat strongly. It’s natural! A kiss with an open mouth arouses strange feelings. Strange and wonderful. It’s possible that your partner will do the same and open her mouth too. If not, then try to suck her lip. This will help her to relax. When she opens her mouth, you should then work with your tongue. Put your tongue onto your partner’s tongue. When your tongues meet, don’t be surprised if you feel your blood pressure rise. You will feel that your souls are merging into one while you are playing with her tongue with the tip of your own. A French kiss increases trust.


How to finish a French kiss? Remove your tongue tenderly, push your head aside, and close your mouth. If you do everything simultaneously, it will be rather vehement. If you want to be tactful, then do not turn away after it. It can be rather shocking. To soften it, smile at your girl and caress her. You can finish it with a “dry” kiss on her lips or forehead. Is a French kiss possible without touching your lips? Yes, it is possible to kiss without contact of your lips, if both partners put their tongues out and come up to each other so closely that the tips of their tongues come into contact. Then they will play with their tongues without the help of their lips. This unusual and exciting kiss very often turns into more intimate caresses. During a French kiss a one partner usually leads, but you can always change the leader. Kissing this way, you can lose sense of time and escape from reality.


How long should a French kiss continue? From 30 seconds to 5 minutes. Most people confine themselves to 60 seconds, but a real French kiss usually continues for 3 to 5 minutes. Variety and constant changes are the soul of a kiss.


What is the action order of a French kiss? Start with a tender kiss with a closed mouth. During the kiss open your mouth and see what will happen then. If nothing happens, try tenderly to move her lips by using your tongue. Put your tongue back and see if she responds. This is a very important moment, but many young men forget about it. Try again. Put your tongue back and see if she responds. And again many young men forget about it. Go on until your tongues meet. Now enjoy, but remember that you should watch her reaction and act base your actions upon hers. She will worship you because of your attention. When she responds, continue a usual game with your tongues until you feel your pressure rise and your heart beat quicker.

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