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Ten Simple Tips for Weight Loss

  1. Every two months, begin a vitamin program. The vitamin program should last two months, meaning you’ll have two months “on” and two months “off”. Repeat this process three times per year.
  2. Write down your food choices in a diet journal at least one week a month. It will help you keep track of what you’re putting into your body and will help identify mistakes you are making. A calculator, kitchen scale, and calorie-counting chart are also beneficial aids in monitoring food intake. Don’t forget to count and note; only this will help you work out food discipline.
  3. Don`t forget about the importance of eating on a regular basis. Eating 3-5 times a day is optimal. It’s also preferable to eat at the same periods of time each day with at least a 5-7 hour break from the time you go to sleep until your morning meal.
  4. A fasting day is a welcome addition to any diet plan. One day a week (Tuesdays are recommended) limit your diet to apples, vegetable soup, and a fermented liquor made from milk. This will give you a total of 4 fast days per month and 48 fast days per year.
  5. Keep your food choices within the recommended guidelines: 25% fats, 25% proteins, 25% complex carbohydrates, and 25% fruits/vegetables. Example: 100 calories can be found in 16.6 g of butter (a piece as small as a matchbox), 1.5 g of an egg, 30 g of bread (a small slice), or 400 g of cabbage salad mixed with lemon juice (no oil). All together – 400 calories.
  6. “Falling off” of your diet plan is understandable as long as you immediately get back on track.
  7. Don’t forget to drink regularly. Do not drink while eating; only 15-20 minutes beforehand.However it should be put off for at least an hour after eating. Remember, drinks have calories too.
  8. The best supervisor of your new diet system is a scale and measuring tape. You must check your weight and proportions with your stomach empty, preferably after using the bathroom. Also be sure to check in the morning on the same days each month (ideally twice a month) and write the data into your diet journal.
  9. Exercise is a natural, permanent and effective addition to any diet. Keep yourself active and avoid being lazy at all costs.
  10. The most indigestible thing we have is our thoughts. The more you concentrate on breakdowns and blame yourself, the less chance you have to succeed. Do not turn yourself into a diet maniac by leaving aside the joys of life.

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