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Men And Women

Enjoy your life


Everyone needs holidays regardless of your attitude toward Valentine’s Day or how long you’ve been married. Plan a romantic dinner for two – on any day of the year. Most importantly, try to get away from the everyday routine and leave your troubles and burdens outside the door.

Forget that you are a mother and that Champagne makes you gain weight. Enjoy your life! As for the things you have to do -- think about them tomorrow.


Stay mysterious


Your husband knows you inside and out. He is always aware of why you are sick, what you fear and how you do your hair in the morning. There is nothing more attractive for any man than a woman who loves him and, at the same, stays mysterious and can be surprising at any moment.




Every man is a hunter in his heart of hearts, and a woman is his prey. Maybe your husband forgot that you are the most attractive and charming by seeing you every day. If so, it’s high time to freshen your relationship. Flirt with your man, and he will feel longed for. And what if you dare to flirt with some of your friends? An admiring glance is as essential for us as the breath of life, but stay within reasonable limits.


Relationships need romance


There are practically no ideally beautiful women. Fortunately there are dresses that allow us to feel like queens and, after all, our mood is the most important thing. Passion fades away under the pressure of domestic problems. But sometimes, something small is enough to rekindle the feelings, be it a romantic evening or stunning attire. The best holidays are those that we plan ourselves and believe they are worth the effort.


Don’t forget to admire him


Obviously you like the idea of your man telling you how beautiful and attractive you are. But has it ever occurred to you that a man also needs a few words of admiration? Don’t be stingy about paying compliments! Don’t be shy to tell your beloved that he is still the best, though you have lived side by side for many years.


Male games


It is no good to ask, “Who gets sick more frequently -- boys or girls?”, because there’s no difference. But in speaking of traumas, boys are far ahead of girls. If there is a son in a family, the supply of medicines and bandages is regularly replenished.


Different injuries, numerous bruises and scratches are common in a family raising a boy. These kinds of traumas aren’t dangerous and don’t require the help of traumatologists. Disinfectants and lotions are usually enough. However, there are many cases when something not as serious can bring awful complications. First are broken noses. Boys usually get them while fighting, exercising (martial art, ice-hockey, skiing) and tobogganing. In wintertime the number of broken noses increases.


In order to understand this particular kind of trauma, let us divide it into nose bone fractures, nose injuries and nasal haematoma.


Nose bones fracture


There are two bones in the nose: right and left. They are quite thin, which is why even a relatively small traumatic impact can lead to their fracture. The fracture can be with or without bone fragment displacement. When there is bone fragment displacement, the shape of the nose can be changed and this requires specialized medical care.


To restore a nose’s shape, specialists recommend taking the child to the hospital where he can be given “nasal bones repositioning”; that is, reduction of the bones allowing them to be put in their place. The optimal time for this manipulation is within the first hours of the trauma, or a period between the fifth and seventh days. This is because traumas are followed by edema and haematoma of the surrounding soft tissues, which prevents them from identifying the degree of deformation and correctly restoring the position of the nasal bones. The edema and haematoma reach their upper limit within several hours and stay for about 5 days. 7-8 days later the process of bone fragments union starts, and if this process proceeds incorrectly, it can lead to a permanent cosmetic effect and subsequently require a more serious surgical treatment.


Nose injury


Parents take this kind of injury as less serious than a fracture – nasal bones remain unbroken. However, one should remember that the injury of this area is always a head trauma, which could lead to a concussion or other ill effect. Therefore, as soon as you notice signs of concussion (loss of consciousness, nausea, vomiting, headache), you should quickly take the child to the doctor. Nasal injury can cause edema of the nasal mucous membrane, which leads to breathing troubles. If a child breathes with difficulty and nasal drops don’t help, it can be a sign of a bad complication – a haematoma of the nasal partition.

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