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Abscess and haematoma of the nasal partition


In some cases of nasal trauma, exfoliation of the mucous membrane of the nasal partition occurs. This a good place for the blood stream. This kind of haematoma unnoticeably sticks out of the nasal partition walls to the space of nasal duct and interferes with breathing. Being an ideal habitat for microbes, haematoma easily suppurates, causing the nasal partition abscess. Apart from breathing troubles, a child feels bad and runs a temperature. This condition is extremely dangerous both because of blood rush to the skull and brain and the suppuration of the gristle of nasal partition.

Attention! Every child with head trauma should be immediately taken to specialists: traumatologists, neurologist, ENT, and have an X-ray and check-up.


First aid




  • determine the time and conditions of the trauma.
  • stop the nasal bleeding with a wad of cotton wool with vasoconstrictive drops (naphthizin, halazolin etc/), apply a cold compress to the nose;
  • watch for the signs of concussion, high temperature;
  • If your child feels well and there are no signs of the above-mentioned complications, remember that you have about a week during which you should have your child’s nose X-rayed and take him to otolaryngologist. Before this, use vasoconstrictive drops and apply ointments “Troksevazin” or “Traumel-S”.

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