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Questions and Answers with Psychologist

Realization of dreams. I work in the healthcare field but want to change my life and become a psychologist. I am afraid that I don’t have enough will to change everything and that my dream

will stay just a dream. How do I gain confidence and start a new life?


It is hard to obtain self confidence through a dramatic life change. Besides, your hesitation is valid. Before changing your life, you should think about all the possible outcomes and evaluate all the pros and cons. Don’t force the process. Once a firm decision is formed, you will have no hesitations. Make a detailed plan of what you need to do and start. Once you accept the challenge you will get the necessary self confidence, your fears will disappear and your hidden potential and skills will be rediscovered. You will get a lot of pleasure from this process. Everyone has had the experience of confidence in some situations, recall that feeling and use it. What do you have to lose? If you don’t start acting, your dream will just remain a dream.


How do I beat a vampire? How do I learn to deal with my mother-in-law? She is constantly examining my faults, criticizing me, instructing me, and shouting at me. My husband has a very passive relationship with his mother and tries not to pay attention. And I get pissed off and then it takes me a lot of time to calm down. I try to ignore her and conceal my irritation but I can’t relax and I constantly steam over her in my mind. She just sucks out all my energy like a vampire. In my family we have never behaved with such outright criticism.


Your mother in law is just raising her self esteem by criticizing you because she feels her incompetence in something. It is very hard to change her, because the first condition for this is her own wish to change. In order to achieve this, you must learn to understand her needs and problems, become useful to her, and win over her love. This requires a lot of patience from you and a great deal of humility. Besides, this criticism could be her way of expressing her love. But taking all the criticism and abuse silently is not the way out either. Answer kindly but firmly and act as you think you should.


The other side of the problem is your reaction to the criticism. It is very hard to react constructively to criticism, most of us get irritated and try to defend themselves. Try to stand apart from the situation and perceive a teacher in your mother-in-law who is pointing out your weak sides and try to get useful information from this.


Love and Food


Is there any connection between food and love? Sure there is! There is a lot of evidence that sexual life can be made brighter and more exciting by eating certain foods that contain certain elements, romantically referred to as aphrodisiacs.


Have you ever paid attention to the fact that happy couples willingly dine together, love good food and have fewer problems with digestion? And on the contrary, after relationship failures one appetite suffers greatly. Conflicts with a partner influence eating habits. We look for consolation in sweet foods, and eat a lot of chocolate. It can result in bulimia (uncontrolled eating) which causes excess weight. A balanced menu will help to avoid deficiency of important minerals and vitamins and will fill your sexual life with new energy!


With the help of plants.


Ginger is a root that stimulates blood circulation and positively influences potency. It improves emotional levels and as a result your relationship with your partner get better. It is taken as a powder that can be used for making tea or spread over food.


Ginseng has stimulating effects and increases libido. Recommended dose – 1-2 pills a day. It is usually sold in pharmacies in the form of an extract. It is not recommended to take ginseng together with other stimulants - for example, coffee.


Anis raises sexual activity both in men and women. Mix one teaspoon of anis with a liter of boiling water and drink one half a glass before going to bed.


Guarana. Seeds of this plant, which grows in the the Amazon River regions, are considered to be a good stimulant. Guarana raises sexual power is but not recommended for people with hypertonic.


Secrets of your libido.


The main vitamin. Regular intake of vitamin C increases sensation and strengthens libido. Drink freshly squeezed orange juice daily and you will be in great shape.


Nurture the brain. That’s where sexual wishes and fantasies are born. Carbohydrates are the main elements powering brain. They are present in pasta, beans, rice and bread.


Speed up the blood circulation. The faster the blood runs through our veins, the more sensitive we are in foreplay. Vitamin C also helps

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