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Experts Advice on Nail Polish

Two-color design will make your hands as attractive to the human eye as any bright shade. These polishes look best on nails that have been grown a bit longer than the fingertips. But not for very long nails.

Color pigments are inclined to separate and form sediment, if the polish is not used for a long time. You should warm the bottle up in your hands and shake it thoroughly. The tiny mixing-balls that you may see & hear in the polish bottle will ensure uniform distribution of all the ingredients.

Three layers are enough for your nails, even if the polish is very thin. Primary polish or top coat polish are also taken into account as they contribute to the so-called accumulation effect. As a result the nails look very thick and the polish may not look attractive.

Acetone or nail polish remover cannot be used as a thinner for polish that has grown too thick. These agents change consistence and stability of the polish. For this purpose special thinners are available at beauty supply stores. Be specific when asking the sales representative.

Cold and heat make your polish too thick or too thin. Therefore you should not keep polish close to a radiator or in a fridge.


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