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Keeping Nails Strong & Healthy

It's necessary to take care of your nails regularly, especially if you’re a woman. Even if you have no time to visit the manicurist, you should take care of your nails at least once a week.

Reliable protection and support.
Besides decorative nail polish (that also takes care of your nails thanks to various protective, nourishing and moisturizing agents), there are a lot of other preparations that make nail care easier.

A good base under the nail polish. It protects your nails from direct contact with nail polish, keeps them from yellowing and makes them stronger

and healthier

. It's necessary to apply the base even under clear nail polish. There are reasonably priced bases for thin and fragile nails.


Special creams for fragile nails, enriched with minerals. These creams create a protective film on the surface of a nail and simultaneously nourish it. Using polishes that contain calcium can easily strengthen fragile nails. By the way, contrary to the current opinion, taking a lot of calcium thickens nails, but doesn't make them stronger.



Of course, for beautiful healthy nails, cosmetic and medical means are not enough. You should include in your diet more food containing vitamin A (curds, milk, liver, eggs, fish, nuts, carrots, spinach and pumpkins).

Gelatin also strengthens nails, so it's advisable to eat more jelly from berry juice (cranberries, currants and so on).


Care and cherish? No problem!
The easiest and most available means for strengthening your nails is a salt bath. Dissolve a tablespoonful of salt in a glass of warm water and hold your fingers in the solution for 15-20 minutes every day.

For fragile nails, you can make baths of warm vegetable oil once or twice a week. Take the oil and add some drops of Vitamin A (you can find it at the pharmacy), 3 drops of iodine and 5 drops of lemon juice.


Any time you can, rub lemon juice, cranberry juice, blackcurrant juice or red current juice into your nails and the skin around it.

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