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Shoulder Exercises for Women

What types of exercises do you spend the most time on at home? Chances are you devote a lot of time to the lower parts of the body, such as strengthening the buttocks and hips or toning the legs. There’s a good chance you spend a lot of time on abdominal exercises as well. But when it comes to exercising with dumbbells, most women don’t have a good understanding of where to start.


A common question that women ask is whether or not there are dumbbell exercises designed exclusively for the shoulders. The answer is yes, however many women are afraid of doing these exercises because of the false belief that their shoulders will immediately become broader. In reality it takes years of heavy lifting to develop the type of broad shoulders that many women fear.


Shoulder exercises are important to develop muscle and maintain tone. The round or skinny shoulders that most women dislike are often the result of a lack of shoulder training. Some benefits of shoulder training exercises include: 1) the ability to wear a wide variety of clothes (especially when baring the shoulders during summer months); 2) broad hips can be made to look smaller by building proportion in the upper areas of the body, and; 3) wide shoulders make the waist look thinner. These reasons should be more than enough to get any woman excited about the possibility of exercising her shoulders with weights.


Today we will examine an exercise for the deltoid muscle. The deltoid muscle is located above the shoulder joint, and the look of this muscle completely depends on its development. For this exercise you will need two dumbbells, each weighing between 2 and 7 pounds depending on your strength level, and also a chair. Begin by taking the dumbbells and sitting on the edge of the chair. Your back should be straight with your legs together and a slight bend in the knees. Be sure to check your arms; they should be a little bent. This is the initial position (photo 1).


Start the exercise by inhaling, then exhale and raise your arms to your sides until you reach the level of your shoulders. Hands, elbows and shoulders should be on the same line and arms should be a little bent (photo 2). Feel the strain of the deltoid muscle but not the neck. Upon inhaling, put your arms down to your hips. Repeat 12-15 times, take a minute rest, and follow with another couple of sets. During each set, pay attention to the technique of the exercise. Never raise your arms while they are completely straight because, when doing so, the pressure of the weight is fully distributed on the elbows. Also, never lower your hands since they should be in-line with your forearms. Don’t raise your shoulders to your ears (as is shown in photo 3).


Watch your breath; there is a temptation to raise the arms upon inhaling and to lower the arms upon exhaling. If this breathing method is more comfortable for you, feel free to go ahead and do it despite the fact that it is incorrect. And remember, only the shoulders should feel the strain, not the face.



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