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Sibling Rivalry

Children seek attention from their parents. It's only natural that when someone else gets attention, they become jealous. You can take steps to avoid or decrease sibling rivalry.

Raising a Child: Age 6 Months Ė 1 Year

6 months are a serious age boundary -- your baby has grown up. Besides the question of feeding and the problem of teeth growing, there are a lot of questions raised by parents. New problems emerge; for...

Questions Ė answers Child Angriness

Child’s angriness Recently, I have often heard my three-year-old daughter say, “Mom, you are bad!” Naturally it disappoints me. What is the reason behind such an attitude towards me?...

Poses for Breast-Feeding an Infant

Seat yourself conveniently in an armchair, lay a pillow under your back, and put a small bench under your feet. Hold the baby on your arm in the following way: place the infant’s head in the bend of your...

Pleasing the Picky Eater

- How to make a child taste something new? How to make a child eat more?

Play with your Children

Many parents work full time and donít get enough time to play or talk with their children. By the time they come home from work, have dinner, and clean up, itís the childís bedtime. It is important to read to your child...


Do we offer you a set of rules for children based on the code for parents?

Personality Development Within Children

At 2-3 years of age, a child becomes aware of the world and learns to think. He or she also becomes aware of what is good and what is bad -- and impulsivity of the child begins to comply with the rules set up...

Parenting - Things That Go Bump In The Night - Night Fears.

What are night fears? Night fears are the partial awakening of a child expressing the following behaviors: shouting, crying, panic, walking in the room, muttering. Such behavior is usually shown within...

Parenting - Guidelines for Computer Use Involving Children

Without warning, computers have rapidly found their way into living-rooms, bedrooms, and sometimes even into kitchens next to televisions. Even if there isn't a computer in your child’s room, it's likely...

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