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Components Necessary In a Childís Diet

What Components are Necessary In Children's Diet ?

Cloth Diapers vs. Disposable

When my husband and I were born, our parents couldnít afford disposable diapers. Itís pretty hard to imagine a world without pampers or huggies, right? Our parents toiled over loads of cloth diapers, scrubbing them with...

Childhood Milestones

In this article we try to answer the most popular questions. Just keep in mind that every child is an individual and we propose only common frames for this or that event in a child's life.

Child 1 to 2 years old

Your baby is one year and a month By his or her first birthday, your child can take first steps and begin walking. But before he or she brings this process to perfection, his or her movements will be...

Character Development in Children

Character Development in Children

Being a New Mommy - Means New Stress, New Worries, New Emotions.

New Mommy ó How to Keep Things in Balance ?

Advice for Raising a Child

Overactive children (“batteries”) Children of this type are disobedient and restless. The main problems of such children are their impellent activity and carelessness/inattention. These...

3 Ways to Blast Fat at the Pool this Summer

As the temperatures start to soar, thereís nothing quite as inviting as a cool, sparkling swimming pool. You donít have to compromise your workout program in favor of pool time, though.

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