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Tips for Leaving Children Alone at Home


The most precious thing we have is our life. Unfortunately, you never exactly know where danger is awaiting for you: in the street, on a public transport, or maybe even at home. Children are usually least protected because they have so little life experience. We suggest to you a troubleshooter for children in case they are home alone and someone has suddenly knocked on the door. Remember: “Warned means armed!”

Troubleshooter for children who have stayed alone in the house.


Never open the door (even if it is locked with a chain) to have a better look at the person behind the door. It doesn’t matter who the stranger has introduced himself as -- even as a policeman -- don’t open the door!


Don’t be at a loss for words. If you hear that someone is trying to open the front door ask loudly, “Who is there?”


If strangers continue opening the door call the police at 911, tell them your address, and then start to shout for help through the window.


If somebody calls and wants to know if any parents are home, tell them that they are busy and ask who is calling.


Lock all windows before leaving the house, especially if the apartment is on the first floor. Do not leave any messages on the front door because it attracts strangers. Be careful with the keys; don’t leave them under a pad or in the mailbox or other secret places. Never boast about expensive things in your house. Under no excuse should you invite unknown people into the home.


Recommendations for parents


Try not to leave your child alone for long periods of time. Make your children learn the troubleshooter by heart. Children learn better while playing. Rehearse a situation: knock on the door, introduce yourself as a policeman (or plumber, mailman, or neighbor), and call home asking questions about the parents (ask your colleagues to help). You need to train and practice. Periodically check the results. Make sure your children know their home address and any necessary phone numbers (your work phone number, police number, etc.). Make sure the front door is reliable and strong. We sincerely wish you and your children “good luck” in such situations!


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