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Having a Pet

It’s been scientifically proven that a pet – a cat, a dog, a fish, or a parrot – can often be the best treatment for people.


Nobody denies the fact that riding a horse can make a sick child feel better. Fish, swimming casually in your home aquarium, can calm your nerves. And our cats and dogs can also make us happier, healthier, and more beautiful.


Our pets can positively influence our marriage. Taking care of a dog, for example, may become a topic for jokes and discussions. According to marriage counselors, families with pets have fewer problems with their relationship. Having a pet is even more important for a single person or someone living alone. When you come home and somebody is waiting for you, you feel happier. You feel that somebody needs and loves you. This is especially true of elderly people. Also, it’s easier to meet other people when you walk your dog or wait in the vet’s office.

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