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A Guide to Transplanting House Plants

Attention! Don't water cactuses (with the exception of crab cactuses

and zygocactuses) during the three days after transplantation. All other

plants should be watered the same day.

  • Cover the soil with a layer of drainage for the purpose of creating

    a microclimate.

  • Pour out excess water and put the plant back in.
  • Question 18. How do you take care of recently transplanted


    During the first two days, especially in hot weather or on sunny windows,

    transplanted plants need shading. It's very useful to spray them with

    water often. Don't, however, water them before the soil becomes dry.

    Once every three to four weeks you can add a mineral fertilizer to plants

    which have begun growing.

    Useful pieces of advice

    • House plants should be fed only during periods of growing (May-August).
    • Thoroughly grind egg-shells and mix it with sugar powder to get a

      fine fertilizer for house plants.

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