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Care Guidelines for House Plants



A single flowerbox is a widespread form of a garden. Until recently, people would use oblong metal, wooden, or plastic boxes when creating such gardens. Now, however, there is a wide choice of multicolored cylindrical and cubical containers made out of rigid plastic.


Usually plants are sold in such a box, but not planted in them. You should be careful with watering as the peat surrounding flowerpots will take up too much water. If the layer of peat is thick, the roots of the plants can go through drain ports into the peat and take water out of it. In a case where flowerpots stand on a layer of pebbles (or the peat layer under them is thin), then you should lift them up and turn them a little from time to time to prevent their roots from growing into this layer.


Whatever the size of a garden, it should be emphasized by the background. Wood, mirror or glazed tiles are well suitable for this.

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