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Nails And Your Health

It is a well-known fact that hair and nails give signals of a person’s state of health. This is half the battle that can solve many problems. Let’s try to look into the indications that are worth paying attention to.


Your nails can indicate many diseases in your body, but before getting diagnosed, you should be sure you don’t have a fungus infection.

  • your nails have a yellow shadow it means that something is wrong with your liver. A red color shows the excess of erythrocytes, a blue color demonstrates that you have a weak heart. If your nails are too pale it is a symptom of anemia.
  • White spots on the forth fingernail
  • Cross furrows appear after infectious diseases, operations and diets.
  • Bulging nails may signal a weakness of heart and lungs.
  • Large white demilunes at the roots of your nails show the predisposition to tachycardia. The absence of demilunes indicates a lack of vital strengths.
  • Flat and curved nails indicate asthma and bronchitis.
  • because of deficient blood flow to your fingers or because of a bad manicure.
  • If your nails crack too often, it means you have some disease of the endocrine system, liver, bile-excreting ways or some skin diseases. Fragile nails indicate that there is lack of vitamins B, D, iron and calcium.

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