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The Right Way To Raise Your Son

Every mother does the best for her child to grow up healthy and happy, and if there is a son in a family, she tries to bring him up to be strong and brave. However, these efforts often...

The Left Hand Phenomenon

Have you ever seen the actions of a small infant? During a day he touches many things, takes them to his mouth, throws or carries them. And with all this going on, he operates sometimes with his...

The Developing Stages of a Child

YOUR BABY IS ONE MONTH OLD Here you are with your baby back at home. Now everybody is eager to advise you how to look after your baby in the best way. And sometimes these pieces of advice are quite contradictory. Rely on...

Raising a Child: Age 6 Months – 1 Year

6 months are a serious age boundary -- your baby has grown up. Besides the question of feeding and the problem of teeth growing, there are a lot of questions raised by parents. New problems emerge; for...

Pleasing the Picky Eater

- How to make a child taste something new? How to make a child eat more?

Personality Development Within Children

At 2-3 years of age, a child becomes aware of the world and learns to think. He or she also becomes aware of what is good and what is bad -- and impulsivity of the child begins to comply with the rules set up...

Jealousy in Families with Multiple Children

- Jealousy in Families with Multiple Children.

How To Make Kid's Mini Pizzas

How To Make Kid's Mini Pizzas

Childhood Milestones

In this article we try to answer the most popular questions. Just keep in mind that every child is an individual and we propose only common frames for this or that event in a child's life.

Child 1 to 2 years old

Your baby is one year and a month By his or her first birthday, your child can take first steps and begin walking. But before he or she brings this process to perfection, his or her movements will be...

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