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The Different Types of Lovers

Do not confuse it with character!


They say that a real lover has a big nose. Many women fall for the bait and then they are disillusioned when it turns out their supposed brilliant lover is a usual and mediocre one.


There is another mistake: women confuse social temperament with sexual temperament. For example, a young, passionate, convivial guy, who can easily become the center of attention and entertain a mob of his friends all the night through, is considered to be fervent and enduring in bed. Of course, a joker and a wag can be very ardent in bed, but it’s not a consequence of his cheery temper.


Everybody wants to have connection in bed, and sexual constitution (or a sexual temperament) - is one of the main factors of compatibility. A man and a woman who have the same “appetites”, will easily harmonize with each other and their marriage will be very durable because this couple is happier then the couple that has different sexual needs.


What does the sexual temperament depend on? It depends on many factors: the level of sex hormones, brain texture, sexual development of the person and the realization of the sexual needs. It is common knowledge that there are 3 types of sexual constitutions of men and women: weak, average and strong.


To ascertain the type of temperament, sexologists gauge his legs. By the way, you can do the same thing.


One simple sum


Equipped with a tape measure, start. Grope for a small knob of bone on his hip, where the thighbone fastens onto the hip joint. Them measure his leg from that knob until his foot. Then find out his height and divide the height by the length of his leg. The derived figure shows your sexual constitution, and scientists call it “the trochantin index.” Women with strong sexual temperament usually have the trochantin index from 2.01 until 2.05, with the average temperament – from 1.97 until 2.00, and with weak – from 1.88 until 1.96.


The trochantin index of men is different. Men with strong sexual temperament usually have the trochantin index from 1.99 until 2.00, with the weak temperament – from 1.92 until 1.98, and with weak – from 1.85 until 1.91.


Evidently, the sexiest and the most temperamental people are people with short legs (both men and women).


Admittedly, this method of calculation has a very essential shortcoming: an unfamiliar partner will hardly let you measure his proportions. If that's the case, there is a plenty of another methods.

A real macho man


Men with strong sexuality are often brunettes. Their bodies are covered with thick hair, and there’s a path of hair coming from the groin region to his stomach; he has hair on his chest, arms and legs. Sometimes he has to shave 2 times a day: in the morning and before going to bed. The stubble is black and tough. The high level of testosterone (masculine sexual hormone) may lead to early baldness. So, if a young man is bald, we can say with a high probability that he is a sexual giant. And they say that if he has a bald spot in front, that means that he is smart; if on the top – that means that he is sexy; if here and there – he is smart in bed.


A real macho man practically never has troubles in bed. If the sweetheart of Hercules has a strong temperament, they will be a very harmonious couple. But if such a male has a girl with a weak temperament, we can sympathize with them both, because a macho man can get pleasure 7-9 times a day, and the norm for the “weak” woman is 1 time a week or even once a month.


By the way, the possessors of the strong temperaments live in Greece, Spain, and Italy.


A man in the prime of life


The representatives of the average temperament can be either raven-haired men or brown-haired men. Their bodies are covered with hair, but to a lesser extent; they have that above-mentioned “path”, and their arms, legs, and chest are covered with hair, too. Such a man is usually of a medium height or a little bit taller. He has a long trunk and short legs; his shoulders are broad, and the muscular system is developed. This man is able to have sex 5 times a day.


The sexual attraction of a man with an average temperament takes place when he is 12-14, and his first sexual experience happens when he is 13-15; for macho men it happens at the age of 11-12. The representatives of such a temperament seldom have problems in sex. A woman with an average temperament will be happy with him. But this guy is apt to connect with any type of female sexuality.


A pale fellow

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