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The Different Types of Lovers

The representatives of a weak sexual constitution filled our TV. They are really visible: brown-haired men or blonds with thick hair; they are tall with long legs, smooth chest, and without visible muscles. The stubble is soft and thin. At closer examination, you see that pubic hair is also thin, and he doesn’t have that “path.” Draw attention to how often he shaves. If he does it really seldom, and with the help of towel, do not even wait for his feats in bed.


His sexual attraction takes place rather late, at the age of 15-17 and even later. He is not capable of sexual feats even if his partner does her best. Failures do happen; sexual disorders happen also often.


Such men are good for Platonic love. And only the girl of the weak sexuality will live a full life with him. As in a well-known story: “Doctor, there’s a mutual understanding between me and my wife in bed: she doesn’t want it, I don’t even need it!” The native lands of languishing blonds are Scandinavia, Finland, Norway and all cold countries.


Time flies…


Usually, after reaching the age of 30 the sexual activity of men is declining. Those who had a weak temperament now have sex once a week or once a month; a man with an average level of temperament – everyday or 3-4 times a week. Only strong men practically don’t lose their abilities. Sexology knows some cases, and here’s one of them: one 76-year-old man “loved” his wife (which was 20 years younger) 7 times a day. Then his sweetheart came to the doctor to get some pills for that indefatigable energy when she couldn’t bear it anymore. So, my dear ladies, the best can be the enemy of the good.

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