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Does the G-Spot Matter?

It is taken for granted that a woman should have secrets. Probably, what is meant here is a secret spot – the center of female happiness. Well, male happiness as well…


Almost half a century ago the gynecologist, Ernest Graffenberg, made a sensational announcement: he had found a spot in the vagina which when stimulated, leads a woman to an orgasm. In 1892, a book was published where the results of scientific research made by 3 scientists were described. The research centered on a certain spot, which was called the Spot of Graffenberg, or the G-spot. After the book appeared, the world of mankind split into 2 groups: one that denies the fact that such a spot exists, the other that has been trying to find it.


The scientific side of a female orgasm


In the beginning of the 20th century, Sigmund Freud, an Austrian psychiatrist, said that there are 2 types of orgasm: “unripe” (clitoral) and “ripe” (vaginal). Of course, he considered the second one stronger. It is interesting that a lot of women describe a vast, long-lasting, thrilling feeling, which is recognized at the peak of coitus. It proves the idea that a female orgasm is more varied than a male one. In the late 60s, the statistic data of another batch of research was published. The research focused on more than 10 thousand coituses. A conclusion was made that all female orgasms were caused by the stimulation of the clitoris. In other words, a woman can have an orgasm in different positions and circumstances, with or without coitus. But all these orgasms were clitoral.


Was there or wasn’t there? That is the question.


And what about the so-called ‘ripe’ orgasm? Was Freud wrong? At that point the scientists found out about one African tribe, where all the women went through a clitorectemy ceremony (the process when the clitoris is cut off). Strangely enough, the women still could reach orgasm during coitus. That was the time when Graffenberg made his declaration, which stirred hot discussions on the question of female orgasms. G-spot orgasm (vaginal orgasm) was considered stronger and more intense than the clitoral one. In some way it supports Freud’s theory of the “ripe” orgasm, as the G-spot is in the vagina. On the other hand, there’s still a doubt among many sexologists and gynecologists – does this spot really exist? It has been looked for and studied for so many years, that it has a reputation of the Bermuda Triangle: everybody speaks of it, but nobody knows where it is. It is, therefore, impossible either to prove this idea or refute it.


Not everybody can find it.


It’s clear from those vague descriptions, that the mysterious G-spot is situated somewhere in vagina, on the other side of the pubic bone. It’s interesting that some women can’t find it themselves; they need a man’s help with this. There are various means for exploration: tongue, fingers, vibrator or penis. Patience – that’s what is important here (both for a man and a woman). And women, unfortunately, can be very impatient and wonder why all the attempts don’t bring any results. They can become nervous and sulky (or, on the contrary, mean). Another unsuccessful attempt and both partners give it up. Their sexual activity may reduce as well. Luckily, most couples are patient and tender enough, so they manage to find it finally. But this shouldn’t become your lifetime goal – does it matter how a woman comes? It’s much more important that she reaches orgasm, and her partner is eager to help her with this. Do you love each other and ready to experiment with positions and toys to make everyone happy and satisfied? Good for you! And the G-spot is only a spot.


Things for Thinking


Relax and enjoy yourself


Ask yourself – what do you think about orgasms? If it’s strong and thrilling enough, if it brings you a nice feeling of satisfaction - who cares what name the scientists call it! Neither matter as much as the way and the position. However, if you’re not quite satisfied with the results and you feel your coitus lacks something, you should consider all those stories about the G-spot. And good luck in finding it!


Too much thinking – too bad


It’s a well-known fact that if we think too much about sex as a process, we instinctively try to control the situation and make the best performance. This, however, prevents us from fully relaxing and enjoying sex. Remember: relaxation is one of the main rules of a successful sex life. Trust your body, not your brain. Forget the formal side of sex. Just do it!

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