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Finding Your Ideal Lover

Don’t believe the stereotypes! They say that a good lover has a big nose. Many women believe this and are disappointed when a supposed sex-giant turns out to be a mediocre lover.


Another misconception is to mix sexuality and social temperament. For example, an energetic young man who is always the center of public attention is seen as passionate and long lasting in sex. Not always! Of course, a fun and entertaining guy can be a good lover, but it isn’t the result of his character.


Everybody looks for harmony in bed, and sexual constitution and temperament are two of the key factors of mutual satisfaction. Simply put, a couple with similar sexual appetites can achieve harmony and satisfaction more easily. Their marriage will tend to be stronger, because this couple will be happier than the one in which partners have different sexual needs.


What does sexual temperament depend on? Many factors contribute: hormone levels, brain structure, the psychosexual development of a person and how a person realizes his or her need for sex. Science defines three types of sexual constitution for both men and women: low, medium and strong.


In order to determine a person’s sexual constitution, sexologists measure his or her leg. By the way, you can do the same thing.


A simple task


So, get a tape measure and do it! On your hip, where the hipbone attaches to the pelvis, find a small lump. Then measure the leg from this point to the foot. Then take your height and divide it by the “length of your leg”. The number you get tells you about your sexual constitution. In women with low temperaments, this index equals 2,01 – 2,05, with middle – 1,97 – 2,00 and strong 1,88 – 1,96.


Then calculate your partner’s index the same way. For men, the numbers are a little bit different. A man with a strong sexual constitution has an index number from 1,99 to 2,00, with middle – from 1,92 to 1,98 and with low - from 1,85 to 1,91


As you can see, passionate people, both men and women, have relatively short legs.


However this method has some drawbacks. A partner you don’t know very well won’t let you measure his or her proportions on the first date. For this situation there are some other methods.


A real macho man


Men with strong sexual constitutions are usually brunettes. They have hairy bodies and a “lucky road.” Their chests, arms and legs are hairy. They shave twice a day: in the morning and before going to bed.


The bristle is black and hard. High testosterone levels (male hormone) can result in early baldness. So if a man is bald, there is a big probability that he is a sex giant. People say, if the bald spot is in the front it means that the guy is smart, if on the top – not faithful to his wife.


A real macho man almost never experiences problems in bed. If a partner of such a giant also has a strong sexual temperament they’ll make a good couple. But if the girl has a low sexual constitution, both she and the guy are to be pitied. A macho man can have sex 7-9 times a day and a sexually “weak” woman needs sex only once a month or, in the best case, – once a week.


By the way, you can rarely find strong sexual temperaments in the central parts of USA. They live in hot climates: Greece, Spain, Italy and in the southern parts of USA.


A man in full power


Representatives of the middle type of sexual constitution can have both dark and light dark hair. Their bodies are less covered with hair than macho men. But hair is necessarily present in the groin area and on the belly in the above-mentioned “lucky road”. The chest, arms and legs are also hairy. This type of man is of middle or a little bit above middle height. He has a long upper body and short legs, broad shoulders and well-developed muscles. This type of man can have sex up to five times a day. By the way, Caucasian origin indicates sexual abilities.


The libido awakens between the ages of 12-14 years and first sex usually is experienced between the ages of 13-15; meanwhile, a macho man has his first sexual experience even earlier – between the ages of 11-12. This type of sexual temperament rarely experiences failures in bed. A woman with a medium sexual temperament will be happy with such a man. However, this guy can find a way to satisfy any type of sexual character.


A pale youngster…


The TV screens brim with representatives of low sexual temperament. They are easily distinguished: lightly dark or blond hair, tall, with long legs, hairless chests and slightly developed muscles. Beards are soft and rare. Hair in the groin area is also soft with no “lucky road.” Pay attention to how often he shaves. If seldom and with

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