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Finding Your Ideal Lover

a towel, you can expect big things in bed from him.

Libido awakens between the ages of 15-17 years and even later. This

guy won’t set any sexual records, despite all attempts from his

partner. They experience misfortunes during sex quite often have sexual


A handsome blond man is ideal for platonic love. And only sexually weak

women can find harmony in a relationship with him. As in the famous joke:

“Doctor, me and my wife have a complete understanding in bed: she

doesn’t want it and I don’t need it.” This type of man

lives in northern countries: Scandinavia, Finland, Russia.

As the years pass by…

Normally, a man’s sexual power decreases after 30. Those who initially

had a low temperament can have sex once a week or several times a month

(or even less). A man with a medium temperament – every day or several

times a week. Meanwhile a “sex giant” can keep his ability

up. Sexologists are familiar with the situation when a 76-year-old man

“loved” his wife seven times a day. The lady couldn’t

stand it any more and asked a doctor for pills to harness his husband’s


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