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"Give And Take" Within a Relationship

He wears Adidas and you flaunt in something fancier -- but you have a love affair. Glamour advises how to learn to make it up, not only with your footwear wishes, but also with sex wishes.


Sex between a man and a woman resembles an election campaign. Judging by candidates’ speeches, their intentions seem to be the same; only by having studied each program precisely will you see how much their real goals differ.


The same can be said for sex. For two people lying on a rumpled bed, the words “wild passion” mean quite different things. And we’re not talking about popular stereotypes (men – the main thing is to have as much sex as possible with different women; women – she agrees to sex only after a romantic dinner and with prospects of long-term affection), we’re talking about more intricate differences.


Glamour singled out three major wishes that a man and that a woman have in bed. By taking them into account, you will be able to become ideal partners for each other.


He needs sex as a merry walk, but not as a confession. Of course you would like to reveal your emotions, but overstraining of the nerves can be exhausting. “I am expecting the woman to show lecherous movements but not a flood of feelings,” explains concert promoter Max, who will be thirty in a year. Men like surfing and car racing not just by chance: in both cases words only hamper. “The majority of us had the hottest sexual experience being senseless!” This does not imply that men are totally senseless in sex – they just do not always need emotions. If you want to put a part of your soul into sex and he wants it to be quickly and from the fanny, then let it be quickly and from the fanny.


You need him to understand that you also have a personality. All girls know that hurrying through intimacy means missing out on some of the most beautiful places on-board the sex-express. Be sure to be in mutual sympathy beforehand -- and remember that the better you know each other outside the bedroom, the more comfortable you will feel inside. Sometimes, however, even a rather delicate friend plunges into sex-eloquence with comments like, “I could do this” or “I would do this as well.” A simple remark such as, “Oh, but how could you guess that it is to my liking?” will remind him that he is not alone.


He needs his penis to not be criticized. What a pity, but it is true. “Only this worries men,” insists Harry, a thirty-year old mechanic, “it is not enough for us to know that a woman likes our penis, we must be sure that she could not do without it.” It is due to both physiology and psychology. “This matters more for boys than for girls,” Glamour consultant Juliana Semenova believes. “Their reaction upon the remarks considering size and workability of their genitals is rather painful.” A compliment to a man’s penis coming from a woman’s lips is the same as an acknowledgement, “you are the most beautiful in the world” coming from a man’s lips. So, worship this obelisk: even politician-atheists go to church. Concert promoter Max is sure that the main indication of a woman’s high grade to a penis is oral sex. Yes, oral.


You need to be considered a beauty. “We all are in need of compliments,” Juliana Semenova states. “We must hear that our bodies are wonderful and that we are great lovers.” So how can we make him clear his throat and say that fluently?


If he is already your boyfriend, touch upon this matter outside your bedroom by saying, “Repeat it to me in bed and see what happens.” But if he is just a new acquaintance of yours, try to make him praise you. Be the first to say to him, “You are so sexual.” If his answer is, “You are not bad either,” he is yours.


He needs to see you in all possible ways. Men think according to images –- it is well-known since the time of Homer. “My husband likes me to put on the most provocative shoes that I own,” says Ann, a twenty-seven year-old goods manager, “black, made of leather, on the platform, with wide straps!” “It makes me laugh, but he becomes really happy and – what’s more important – excited and horny.”


A man likes to watch us during sex anyway. If you are still ashamed of this, begin in small amounts. On the first day, do not put anything on coming out of the bathroom. On the second day do a bit of strip-tease, showing, of course, only the places you aren’t shy of showing. And on the third day leave the night-lamp or sconce turned on -- you will get everything and he will see everything.


You need more time between sex and sleep. It is true. There should be an interval. Sure, you like him to keep on hugging you and not rolling aside like he’s paralyzed. But practically all men

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