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"Give And Take" Within a Relationship

need time to come to their senses. “After orgasm there comes a collapse,

a breakdown,” Semenova explains. “A super-man is going through

a little death and does not even want to be touched.”

So, be content with the little that he gives. Try whispering, “The

only thing I want is that you take my hand and say ‘I still love

you.’” Even the worst post-sexual zombie is capable of extending

a hand. If you have become acquainted recently and cannot find the right

words, stroke his back or touch his feet with your fingertips. After awhile,

sleep hypnosis won’t affect him so soon and you will fall asleep

together and happy.


A man wants to have sex twenty-five times a day. “Well,

if in one day I would be offered sex by twenty-five different women of

different skin color, age, and temperament – then yes, I suppose.

But if we speak of my girlfriend, then three times a day would be quite

enough. If it is not my first time with a new girl, then I am not going

to add my name to the Guinness Book of Records. I do not understand what

could be new that we can offer to each other on our fourth time a day.”

Eugene, 32 years old.

It does not matter for a man: her hand, his hand, a hole in

the wall, any warm place. “In fact, nothing can be compared

to the feeling you get when coming inside a woman. You can reach ejaculation

by any means, but the difference –- men will understand me –-

is the same as the difference between watching the final match of the

Champion League on the rotten T.V.-set in your village and watching it

while sitting at the Milan stadium San-Siro. In a word, these things cannot

be compared.”

Vladimir, 28 years old.

A man likes sex to be no longer than a commercial break. “Of

course, you can manage it in two minutes – especially when there

is your hand instead of a woman. But one girlfriend of mine could stretch

even undressing into hours – and she did it so sexy that by the

end I was actually paralyzed with desire. You should know: not only women

and those who have got a season ticket to the Large Hall of Conservatory

are experts in preludes.”

Jacob, 29 years old.


Glamour on short steps to health which bring great results.

Step #1. To order one course and one

drink in a restaurant. You come to a restaurant to eat something

refined, and not to try the whole menu. As a rule, one course is enough

to eat your fill.

An expert says. The principle: “one plate + one

glass” won’t let you have more calories than you need, and

it will teach you to consider the needs of your body and to make a decision.

Just determine what you want more – a soup or salad, or meat or

pasta; and do not fall into a “desert of the day” trap.

Step #2. To take a basket and not

a hand-cart in a supermarket. Otherwise, having dropped in at

the store to buy a kefir package, you run the risk of coming out with

heaps of unnecessary and high-calorie food. Besides, a walk in the supermarket

with a basket in your hand is a good training.

An expert says. Fitness instructor Olga Maleeva confirms,

“A standard basket can contain 4-5 kg. Carry it with your back straight

and your knees bent slightly. Twenty minutes in the supermarket plus ten

minutes of a walk home with such weight can burn approximately 300 calories.

Such a load, twice a week, will burn 3600 calories in the course of a

month and a half -- and this is about 500 g. of excess weight. That equals

a loss 4 kg a year.

Step #3. Say “no” to meat

sometimes. First of all, meat denial is assured fast weight loss.

Second, vegetarians are healthier –- their life expectancy is 80

years -- and their possibility of heart or oncological disease is several

times smaller compared to meat-eaters.

An expert says. “It is hard for a vegetarian

to take-in the necessary amount of protein, and it results in the decrease

of haemoglobin level in blood,” warns fitness-nutritionist John

Baranov. He suggests that one should not run to extremes and should refuse

to eat meat for only one week per month. So in a year, you will have eaten

approximately 60,000 kilocalories less, and your weight will drop by eight

kilograms. This, however, is only on the condition that you won’t

replace meat with cheese.

Step #4. To drink not-fat milk.

Is your breakfast muesli with milk and coffee? Keep on doing the same:

a glass of milk contains about 10% of the daily rate of protein and about

30% of the daily rate of calcium. Be aware of the fat content in it --

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