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"Give And Take" Within a Relationship

it should not be more than 1%.

An expert says. Milena Sofran, a specialist in naturopathy,

agrees. “It is better to replace cow’s milk with goat or soy-based

milk. The first contains antibodies and milk proteins (casein in a particular)

in an easily-digestible form. The second contains isoflavons, which fight

cancer cells.”

Step #5. To have fruit snacks.

There is always room in your bag for a bar of chocolate, but it is better

to replace it with an apple or an orange instead.

An expert says. There are 10 times less calories in

a 300 g. apple than in a 300 g. pastry. Besides, there is fiber and pectin

in an apple.


Glamour tells how to clear the body after holiday feasts, spoiling

neither health nor a wonderful New Year’s mood.

To spend a vacation in a detox-sanatorium is not only useful, but also

rather fashionable. Liv Tyler and Gwyneth Paltrow are ready to pay $4000

for the possibility to eat nothing during a week, drink herbal tea, and

be given a cleansing enema in one of the popular Californian spa-centers.

It is necessary to understand that detox is not a weight loss diet (though

you’ll loose a few kilograms), but a cleansing diet. That is why

it is so important to take concomitant treatment: have a glass of hot

water with lemon on an empty stomach, take multivitamins and drink two

liters of water every day, bathe with essential oils and sea salt, and

receive a massage (given either by a specialist or by yourself) or other

similar items. Glamour will tell you how to clear your body at home, thereby

saving thousands of dollars.

What should be eaten? Clearing the body does not mean

hunger at all. You may, and you must, eat! All the experts agree to one

thing -- the healthiest diet and the right way to become slender is not

through endless self-restriction, but through the right balance of proteins,

fats, carbohydrates, and fiber.

Your menu should contain berries, not-fat cottage cheese, hard cheese

(like parmesan), almonds, salmon, boiled meat, potatoes, cereal flakes,

and water porridge. You should completely avoid the following: fats, sweets,

alcohol, tea, coffee, salt, and sugar.

What should be avoided? The worst thing you can do

is to look for the solution to your problem at the bottom of your detox-tea

or cocktail glass. These drinks can easily be found at any stall. All

those beverages, like “Slim-fantastic”, are a destructive

mixture for intestine microflora and consist of depletives and food additives.

At best, they will result in a few unpleasant hours for you. At worst

they will lead to long-term indigestion.

Is it necessary to hunger? Even partial starvation

without a doctor’s control is dangerous. Your initiative in the

sphere of dietology very often causes exacerbation of chronic disease

or heritable diseases development. Think of it before making a decision

to eat only fruit for a week or two. Abrupt refusal to eat can even cause

shock in the body. More than ten days of starvation leads to a disorder

in salt balance and to the lack of potassium. And this, in turn, can cause

heart problems, nervous system troubles, and exsiccosis.

Remember a simple thing: maximalism is harmful. It is absurd to have

only water with lemon for weeks; even the most famous ideologists of starvation

realize this. Psychoanalyst Lisa Dorfman mentions with regret that we

live in the time of extremes. “Everything is done too much. If it

is running, then it’s a marathon; if it is detox, then it’s

till the loss of consciousness.”

Why do not I lose weight? The main trouble awaiting

all strict diet-lovers is the reduction of metabolism speed. A lot of

people believe that if they let their body rest for a while, the organs

will be working as brand new ones. On the contrary – they will simply

stop working. You won’t be able to explain to your body that a refusal

to eat is just a temporary measure. That is why the majority of dieticians

consider rational and full nutrition the necessary condition of any “weight

loss” diet.

Another way to spur metabolism on is to play a sport. It is ordinary

for spa-patients to not loose a single gram in spite of the highest food-restrictions

-- which leads to their disappointment and a stop in their fighting with

excess kilograms. In fact, everything they needed was in a walk to the

next village, not in moving from the massage couch to the vegetable juices


How to avoid anorexia? Unfortunately, a lot of detox

lovers join the rows of anorexics. It is easy to understand their feelings

– the temptation to eat everything you want and then to clear the

stomach with the help of a well-known method afterwards is common. And

again you feel that lightness you are so accustomed to; but for some reason

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