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"Give And Take" Within a Relationship

you start to loose your hair and lack menstruation. Additional anorexia

symptoms include sudden changes of mood and sudden weight loss.

What’s in results? After a detox-diet, you will

keep shining for a long time and everyone will notice that. But it is

difficult to preserve for long; without certain efforts, everything will

fall back into place. However, detox is not only for the lost kilograms:

concentration on yourself, a feeling of lightness, and healthy feelings

of hunger are also worth something.


When you have a new job, it is important not only to succeed

in business, but also to establish good relations with colleagues.

Psychologists consider the change of jobs one of the greatest stresses

in the life of a modern girl. Even if you have found a position that you

have long been dreaming of, your new collective can reject you and deliberately

do it in the most refined form. At first you will cry, and afterwards

you will have to quit. Glamour explains how to prevent this scenario and

how to spend the first days at your new workplace.

8:00 Obey dress code rules. During the interview in

this company, you must have noticed the dress code customary to it. Choose

from your own clothes the things which best meets the requirements of

your new corporation -- it could be anything, including a strict suit

or democratic jeans. We unconsciously take to our company everyone dressed

in the style similar to ours.

10:00 Watch and memorize. You will be taken for an

excursion into all the departments of the company and introduced to your

new colleagues. Be ready to get a cool welcome: watchfulness is a natural

reaction to a stranger. Demonstrate quiet confidence and kindness, smile

openly, let your answers to the questions be clear, and don’t stammer.

And it would be better to prepare a brief self-presentation including

your name, your former position, and responsibilities you are going to

have in this company. Try to memorize names and positions of the key employees,

and of those people that you will have to deal with quite often. To do

this, try to call everyone by his (her) name at the moment of introduction.

In such a case the following associations will rise in your memory: face

– name – position – allowance increase.

11:00 Find a stalker. Find out who is the most respected

person in the collective, and find out who has been working there for

a long time and knows a lot. Try to get along with him (her), ask him

(her) for advice, let him (her) realize how much you appreciate his (her)

authority, and suggest your having dinner together. But do not overstep

the limits between respect and flattery, otherwise you won’t be


15:00 Do not go past anything. Watch your colleagues

attentively: beside the official rules, there exists private norms of

behavior in every collective. In one office, funny stories about your

friends would be considered out of place. In another, lack of such stories

would become the sign of your detachment, arrogance, or stupidity. In

some places employees are accustomed to dinner together; in other places

everyone has his (her) own sandwiches brought from home. Until you get

used to all the rules of this particular collective, your trump cards

are like those of a spy -– caution and sense of proportion.

18:00 Leave your workplace in time. Do not be the first

to leave your workplace. Statements like, “it is written in my contract

that my working hours end at seven p.m.” would only cause irritation.

But being the last to go home would make you look like one unable to cope

with the work. Feel the rhythm of the collective and follow it –-

like in dancing.


The location of your office desk affects your career to a much

greater extent than you think it does. Glamour puts everything into place.

Feng shui and other fashionable philosophies of furniture arrangement

are not the point here. It depends on everyday banalities: those with

whom you discuss plans for lunch, those whose talks you hear and vice

versa, and those in who you monitor.


Where. At your boss’ office.

Who. Cunning ones who stake on their ability to scheme

and to get along with leaders, but not on the eagerness to perform their

official duties.

Plus. You are always in the know of significant decisions,

you are always in your boss’ sight, and there is always an opportunity

to have a word or two with him or her.

Minus. Do not yield to temptation to tell a sensation

“as a great secret”, do not become an opponent of your boss’s

assistant, and do not forget that the level of conflict in this office

zone is the highest.

Far away.

Where. At the window.

Who. Creative personalities.

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