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"Give And Take" Within a Relationship

Plus. If your work requires imagination and inspiration, the view out of the window can give rise to flight of fancy. Being far from the office center helps concentration.


Minus. Everything happening outside the window can carry you away, and the unseeing by others can cause a habit of chatting on the internet or imitating feverish activity.




Where. Facing the wall.


Who. Born outsiders.


Plus. It is a partly voluntary and partly coercive way to cultivate skills of concentration and abstraction, and also modesty and humbleness.


Minus. Everyone can see your monitor, so the only thing you can do is to work. Do not expect any gratitude – the majority of your colleagues are acquainted only with the nape of your neck and your bended back.


A stranger among friends.


Where. In the corner, facing the door.


Who. Work-horses.


Plus. You can see everyone at work rather calmly -- you are not disturbed by anyone’s phone calls or by employees running from the Xerox to the archives.


Minus. There is a risk to drop out of collective life; that is why sometimes it is necessary to come to your colleagues personally instead of sending them e-mail.


Recipes for Beauty.


Hollywood stars peep into the books of tasty and healthy food more often than before. They are looking not for cooking, but for cosmetic recipes there.


America and Europe are under a real boom: everything that used to be eaten and drank is now applied to the face, body, and hair. Fruit, vegetables, eggs, milk, and vegetable oil are always at hand, and it is pleasant to mix and apply these ingredients because the result is excellent. We are watching this new passion with conscious superiority: even our moms washed their hair with onion peels, rubbed their skin with cucumber circles, and had “beauty salad” for breakfast.


It is important to follow the rule: canned, frozen convenience foods, and packed juices won’t do - only fresh ones. These are the best tested Glamour recipes.


Speaking of your face…


To clear. Mash 2-3 white grapes, spread softly over the face, wash off with warm water. Your skin will not only become clean, but will also smell good.


If you’re like Scarlet O’Hara (irritated by freckles), a slice of lemon will help you. Wipe your face with it regularly, and wash with water and lemon juice (proportion 1:1). But do not do it in the morning – lemon acid increases skin sensitivity to the sun.


To peel. There are a lot of useful vitamins and microelements in oat flakes. Our noblewomen knew that and washed with water infused with oats. Improve their recipe: add corn flakes, sugar, and vegetable oil to oat flakes. Rub the mixture on the skin of your face, and afterwards wash it off. Such peeling can be done quite often. For skin disposed to inflammation, such a mask-scrub would do: 1 part of oat flakes, 3 parts of honey, and 3 parts of natural yogurt.


To tone up. Chamomile tea, brewed hard and cooled afterwards, tones the skin and comforts it. Cool tea bags also help tired eyes. Scientists discovered that there are 0.25% of hydrocortisone in chamomile, and this matter cures skin illnesses. A slice of cucumber is also a nice tonic.


To moisten. Yogurt clears skin and takes away the fat surplus from it. Besides, it is the best foundation for moisturizing masks. Mix half a cup of natural yogurt, a tablespoon of liquid honey, and a quarter of a mashed banana. Apply the mask on your face and neck; wash it off in ten minutes.


It is up to your body.


Milk cocktail. Kleopatra took a bath with jennet’s milk every day. In the course of time the recipe has changed a bit: dissolve two handfuls of dried milk in water – the milk will acquire a beautiful marble color. Lactose (milk-sugar) is the best natural moisturizer.


Seaside holidays. Buy sea salt and mix it with a bit of any vegetable oil – you will get a wonderful body scrub. If you adore sweets, you may replace salt with sugar.


Nails beauty. You have just removed acrylic nails and found out that your personal nails have become weak or spotted. Have a week’s course of nail baths. Put your finger-tips onto a plate with warm water and vinegar for twenty minutes, and then rinse.


In tomato sauce. If you rub your body with a half of a tomato or an orange every day, your skin will become smooth and fresh. It is due to the amino acids and vitamin C which these vegetables and fruit contain. There is licopene in tomatoes -- it is antioxidant that prevents skin aging.


Elbows. No matter how hard you try to preserve it, soft skin on your elbows and heels becomes rough very quickly. Heat half

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