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"Give And Take" Within a Relationship

a cup of olive oil, fill two cups with it, and put your elbows into these

cups. It would not be an easy matter to sit for fifteen minutes in such

a position, but it is enough to do this procedure once a week. Do not

forget to wipe the oil from your elbows after the baths; otherwise you

risk soiling your clothes.

Coffee grounds. In the morning, after having had your

first cup of coffee, rub your body with warm coffee grounds. Your skin

will become softer and acquire a beautiful tint of tan.


Sleek hair. Liquid honey mixed with hair balm will

make your hair silky. One more recipe: fill a pulverizer with milk, spray

on wet hair, leave it for fifteen-twenty minutes, then rinse with cool

water (hot water will make milk sour).

Lively hair. If your hair looks dry and lifeless, an

avocado will help. There are lots of oils, vitamin E, and ferments in

it. Mash it with a spoon and apply this mass to the hair. Leave it in

place for ten-fifteen minutes.

Thick hair. A good housekeeper makes use of everything:

cool the water that potatoes were boiled in, and rinse you hair with it.

Do not worry: when dry, your hair will smell good.

Long hair. The mermaids are not portrayed with magnificent,

long hair for nothing – sea salt has a great affect on the skin

of your head by making hair roots stronger. Mix sea salt with a balm and

apply it to the hair and skin on the head; massage with your hands.

Fresh and bright. Home rinses are often underestimated.

They should be washed off. If your hair has become dull, refresh it with

water containing lemon juice (1:1). A mixture for frizzled hair: 1 part

water, 2 parts vinegar. The best thing for blondes is a chamomile infusion;

for brown-hair, it’s a cocktail of cognac with yolk. Rinse red hair

with cranberry juice, and dark hair with cool coffee. The longer there

is coffee on your hair, the darker the color will be.

Useful Food Products

Each food product possesses at least one property that helps

us to be beautiful.

Potatoes. There is a lot of starch in it, which strengthens

the hair and relieves skin from reddish and brown neva pigmentosis.

Cucumber. There is a larg amount of potassium in cucumber.

It strengthens and absorbs excess skin fat, and that is why the best clearing

lotions and masks are made of it.

Cola. Sugar that this soft drink contains fixes eye-brows

like gel; its brown dye gives a light tint.

Lemon. Lemon contains almost all the possible vitamins.

Besides, lemon acid fights microbes and blanches skin like an eraser.

Milk. There are about two hundred organic and mineral

substances in milk. All of them are useful for beauty and health. Milk

nourishes and moisturizes skin, keeping moisture inside for a long time.

Honey. The basis of honeycomb is wax, which is quickly

absorbed by skin and fills it with moisture. Honey is ideal for masks

and nourishing envelopments for the body.

Oat flakes. There is a lot of fiber, useful microelements,

and starch in oat flakes. That is why they peel and nourish and improve


Olive oil. Olive contains a great amount of antioxidants,

preventing skin aging. That is why olive oil is the best foundation for

rejuvenating masks.

Yogurt. There is a lot of milk acid in yogurt. Milk

acid accelerates skin cell regeneration. That is why yogurt is the best

thing to comfort your face after sunbathing.

The Differing Tastes of Hollywood Stars.

Halle Berry has such smooth skin due to a strawberry mask for the face:

10 strawberries, 2 teaspoons of honey, and natural yogurt.

Charlize Theron applies a thick layer of liquid honey to her face before

taking a bath – this procedure moisturizes skin wonderfully.

Before every weekly manicure, Jennifer Love Hewitt peels her hands with

avocado and sea salt.

Jennifer Lopez loves a nourishing mask which a cosmetologist has devised

for her: honey, yogurt, and a drop of tea brew.

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