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Ten Facts About The Erogenous Zones

First-class lovers can find the erogenous zones perfectly well without a compass and a map and skillfully make use of these supersensitive tools in sexual games. Would you like to master this skill?


It is not difficult at all: you just have to listen to your body and watch your partner’s reaction carefully – and that’s it, you’ll do everything right. If a woman has no desire to find out where her husband’s erogenous zones are and the husband is sure that he is an expert in sex and does nothing but kiss his wife’s lips and stroke her breasts, then the sexual life of this couple is far from perfect. And it will remain the same until the partners decide to change it, awakening their most responsive and sensitive body parts to pleasure.


  1. There are lots of sensitive zones. The initial erogenous zones are the most responsive to sexual stimulation. They may be divided into two groups.

    1. Erogenous zones placed where skin is the most sensitive: the mouth, the earlobe, the nipples, the underarms, the inner surface of the shoulders and forearms, on the outer genitals, the backbone region, on the neck, around the navel, where the pubic hair begins, in the entire genital region, on the inner surface of the hips, in the crook of the elbows, behind the knees, on the feet, between the fingers and toes.

    2. Erogenous zones placed where skin verges on mucous membrane: lips reddening contours, nostrils’ edges, vulvar lips, anal region, surface of the vagina, head of the penis.

      Stroke them and your partner’s reaction will tell you which of them are the most sensitive. If there was no result from stimulating this or that zone, “work” with the others and you will definitely find out those delicate, responsive places that should be caressed.

  2. You have found them? Now wake them up! Erogenous zones form a kind of map of the body, a map that should be carefully studied by the partner. One woman may have supersensitive breasts, another may hardly react to a touch there. One woman likes to be caressed for a long time, beginning with her head and then all the way down to her feet before she is ready for sex; another just needs her fingers to be kissed – and that’s it; she is trembling impatiently. It depends on the individual.

    To achieve the best results in the art of stimulation, the partner should know the most sensitive zones and, each time, use different kinds of caresses to determine their sensitivity. This is possible only if you are patient and sensitive to your partner. Skilled caressing is a real strength: even a frigid woman may become a passionate partner and a man can become a great lover.

  3. Men and women have different erogenous zones. A man’s tactile sensitivity is limited to his genital region, the mouth and ears. Their erogenous zones are also breeches and loin regions, shoulders and cervical spine, back of the head, eye area, underarms, inner surface of hips, nipples.

    • Stroking, kissing and tickling these regions with the tongue will help to reveal the man’s temperament to the fullest.
    • Some men become very excited while being scratched or bitten a bit just prior to orgasm.
    • Caressing the region between the anus and the scrotum gives great pleasure to a man.
    • Scrotal skin is very sensitive: it is responsive to gentle touching and stroking.
    • The main erogenous zone is the penis, especially its head and the side, where tissue connecting the foreskin with the head is located.

      We may say that the whole woman’s body is an

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