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Ten Facts About The Erogenous Zones

erogenous zone itself. The belly, back, neck, elbows, shoulders, wrists,

knees, ankles -- everything is responsive to caressing. If some zones

are “out of order,” their sensitivity can be developed.

  • Erogenous zone number one is the vulvar region, the large and small

    vulvar lips, clitoris and the region around it. By stimulating them

    skillfully, the partner will give you more pleasure than during the

    sexual intercourse.

  • The breasts are also a significant zone. It is enough just to touch

    your beloved or even think of him to make your breasts lifted and

    enlarged a bit, as if giving you a signal of excitement. Caressing

    the breasts not only turns a woman on, but also helps her genitals

    to be ready for sex.

  • The brain also can be called an erogenous zone. We

    feel intense erotic sensations because of our brains. It gives rise

    to strong feelings, which are the reaction to messages from the erogenous


  • You can find more erogenous zones if you try.

    The search for sensitive parts of your partner’s body is fascinating

    and useful for mutual understanding. But you can do even more and begin

    to create so-called “secondary zones.” They are of great

    significance, because they are associated with sexual stimulation. Let’s

    suppose your husband strokes your loins each time after you have an

    orgasm. These strokes may cause particular associations in your mind,

    and your loins will become your secondary erogenous zone; touching them

    will turn you on immediately.

  • You should be in the mood for caressing.

    If you feel a little squeamish when your partner is stroking some parts

    of your body, or if it causes some inner resistance, then erogenous

    zone stimulation won’t give you any pleasure, but will only make

    the process painful. If you caress you partner feeling only dislike

    or disgust, this won’t do either. Only letting your partner caress

    you, but remaining unemotional, is not good either.

  • Age means a lot. The role of erogenous

    zones increases as you become older. A man cannot get excited after

    the ages of 35-40 as quickly as he could when he was 18. He needs different

    kinds of stimulation to start feeling excited, including direct stimulation

    of the genitals. His sexual life will be all right if his partner is

    active and creative. But it is late to begin searching for erogenous

    zones when a man is already 40. And a man himself will resist; earlier,

    he was able to become excited so easily and now, all of a sudden, he

    is treated (stroked) like a girl. Therefore, your man’s erogenous

    zones should be found by you at the very beginning of your living together.

    As for women, their sensitivity won’t be revealed without skilful

    erogenous zone stimulation. If your partner is an expert lover, you

    are lucky. If not, try to make him an expert, encouraging him tactfully

    in the right direction.

  • Do not be a bore! Sexual stimulation should

    be interrupted; otherwise you won’t excite your partner -- you

    will put him to sleep.

    • First, stroke man’s buttocks, then slap them; blow a thin

      stream of cool air on his penis, and then breathe warm air on it;

      massage his back slightly and scratch it with your nails at the same


    • If your partner is unaware of the principle of interruption, let

      him know about it. Otherwise he won’t be able to excite you


    • As a rule, rough and intense caressing suppresses, but does not

      increase, a woman’s sensitivity. But there are exceptions: in

      this case, pinching and slapping are required.

    • The clitoris, head of the penis and testicles are very sensitive

      and cannot bear being touched roughly.

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