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Ten Facts About The Erogenous Zones

  • Erogenous zones can be stimulated even when the lovers

    are dressed. Such an erotic game is called “petting”

    and it is good if a woman is pregnant, if one of the partners is ill

    or when sex with penetration is prohibited or impossible.

  • You may work not only with your hands. Erogenous

    zones can be caressed not only with hands. To increase the effect, caress

    them with your lips, tongue and teeth.

    • You can stimulate a man’s erogenous zones with your nipples, toes, hair.
    • Your partner would like you to squeeze his penis between your breasts and then lift and lower them with your hands.
    • You are sure to enjoy your partner’s caressing your nipples or your clitoris with his penis.
    • Experiment with a silk scarf: running it over the perineum you will excite your partner rather delicately and effectively.
    • A vibrator can be used for the stimulation of your erogenous zones. Men do not like such toys as a rule, but you may want to try it.

    Don’t move?! In Victorian times, married Englishwomen

    did their best not to give into passion and even excitement. They even

    had their motto: “Ladies do not move!” The inspiration for

    a sexual strike was very proud of the fact that she could conceive nine

    children and had no pleasure, no orgasms. It was achieved by her willpower.

    And why did she taunt herself this way?

    Our expert, Nadia Dabaeva, Bachelor of Medicine and sexology-consultant

    of the “Diod” Medical Center, explains how to get more pleasure

    from sex. How to get more from sex? How to excite your partner?

    How to reach orgasm? We look for answers in different books on “sex

    techniques,” learning about the erogenous zones. It seems to us

    that knowing their locations, we can pass a sex exam with an excellent


    In fact, our pleasure depends not so much on the stimulation technique,

    but on our desire to have sex and our passion for our partner. There is

    no direct connection between caressing and excitement. Stimulation of

    an erogenous zone sends an impulse to the brain and only then to the hypophysis

    - the main sexual gland. If a woman does want to have sex with her partner,

    her mind can block the tactile impulses, not allowing them to reach the

    hypophysis. The so-called “turning-off” of an erogenous zone

    occurs. And vice verse -- two people in love will love every caress and

    every touch.

    Sensitive parts of the body are individual and may change throughout

    life (for example, because of a new partner). Of course it is useful to

    read a book about sex technique, but the main thing is to communicate

    with your partner! Spend more time caressing each other, do not think

    of doing everything “the right way” and tell each other about

    your feelings and sensations.

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