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Outside Your Comfort Zone

10 places to have sex outside of the bedroom


In an unusual place such as on the beach, in a tent, or in a cave, sex can be very romantic, thought it is not as comfortable as in the bed. Because of such activities, there are scratches on the body and spots on the clothes, but do all these things put the fire of passion out? In fact, they heighten it.


It is the case that when appetite comes with eating. If you suggest to your husband that you make love in an unusual place, he will begin to enjoy it and proper ideas will appear in his mind. Even if you leave the shed, cellar, or cave wet, dirty, bruised, and scratched, after breathing dust and getting caught in spiders’ webs, you will be very happy, as you’ve put an end to all this routine in your marriage. Now there is the beginning of a new spire of your intimate life.


The imaginations on this topic.


There are a lot of places where you can make love, especially in summer. To give yourself up to passion, you can be practically anywhere; the main thing is to avoid places you will get caught. However, many couples that used to make love in the bedroom may have poor imagination. We can suggest some places in nature and also warn about some discomforts.


  1. On the meadow
    When you make love on a bed of fragrant flowers while looking at the blue sky, you feel as if you are in paradise. Then, relaxed after the passion, it is so pleasant to lay there for some time, listening to the chirping of the grasshoppers, the twittering of the birds, and the rustle of the foliage, but remember that there are not only harmless grasshoppers in the grass but also other insects. They buzz, bite, and try to crawl upon the body. That’s why you’d better bring something to lay on, like a blanket.
  2. Sandy storms
    The main disadvantage of sex on the beach is the sand. It is not pleasant or hygienic. That’s why it’s better to use a blanket, air mattress, or towel. It is rather difficult to find an isolated place close to the water during good weather, especially on the seashore of a holiday town. It seems to you that if you go behind that rock or hide behind these bushes, nobody will notice you, but when you come closer, you find out that there is somebody there already. The problem may be children who are fond of isolated places and like to spy on couples. That’s why sex on the beach is not long and is often interrupted by somebody. Nevertheless, it doesn’t make the adventure less attractive.
  3. Cavemen
    It is wet, cold, a bit terrific, and rather hard, but there is a wonderful acoustic. Sweet groans and impassioned howls, which echo in the cage, are very exciting, but be ready for different creatures can live there – for instance, bats. Such ‘observers’ are one more piquancy of the sex (that is of course, if you are not a timorous person), and such things will excite you but won’t drive you to faint. If you take this step, don’t go deep into the cage; you may loose your mind in the heat of passion and may forget where the entrance is and get lost.
  4. Come to the hayloft!
    Sex in a hayloft is a classic variant. You’ll be protected from bad weather (rain and wind) and be hidden from strangers’ eyes. Even if somebody comes in, you may conceal yourselves in the hay. In this case, the hayloft is more comfortable than the haystack; the latter stands on the meadow in open space, and an unexpected observer may appear at any moment.
    There is one more variant. You can bury yourselves in the hay to make love in a cave of hay. Of course, it is difficult to breathe, though the fragrance is wonderful and it is very romantic. Besides, to intensify feelings you may climb to the top of the haystack. There is one drawback in all these sexual games; the dry grass pricks, and, alas, it is the woman who suffers most of all. That’s why you have to make love in clothes, and in this case, a wide skirt will be the best choice.
  5. We were boating…
    Sex in a boat is for people who like extremes; it’s very uncomfortable and there is a risk of overturning the boat. A yacht would be better. It would not need to be an expensive ship; a small yacht with a soft sofa in a cabin would be an optimal choice. Rocking on the waves the ship receives a natural rhythm, while the lapping of the water and gritting

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