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Outside Your Comfort Zone

of the rigging provide good sound accompaniment. If a yacht works, don’t

forget that somebody should stand on the steering wheel. If you are

with friends, they will be of good help to you. If the ship is tied

up, don’t forget to lock the door, and don’t be afraid of

loud sounds when the side of the yacht starts beating over the moor.

Never play such games in the storm; at best you will be sick, at the

worst you can get into a mess.

  • A small hut on the chicken’s legs.

    In fiction films, the characters are often found in some remote place

    in foul weather. Hand in hand, they run somewhere in the rain and of

    course come across a neglected hut where it is warm and dry. They make

    a fire in the fireplace, they take off their wet clothes, and looking

    at each other passionately as they rush into one another’s arms.

    If you get a chance to have such an experience, you both will be very

    pleased. For this purpose, you can use a country house. If you excite

    each other beforehand, a quickie in a shed for gardening tools, in a

    shower, or in an empty bathhouse may be very stirring.

  • Sea stories.

    Forget about sex in a mountain river or in a stream, the water is cold.

    Even if you don’t catch cold as a result, your partner won’t

    have an erection because of the low temperature. The warm sea or a lake

    is greatly conducive to excitement, but remember, when you have sex

    in a body of water, there is a risk that infection might get into the

    genital area. That’s why you can have a prelude in the water and

    continue the process on the beach. If you have a chance to visit an

    area with geysers, make love in a mineral source. You won’t regret

    it; almost hot water, the steam gushing out of the ground, natural hydro

    massage, loud noise, and bad visibility (because of the steam) are those

    conditions at which the sexual sensation is especially keen.

  • Cottage love.

    To go hiking only in order to make love in a small tent is not a silly

    thing. It is that case that, when you are in “heaven” with

    your partner, you may feel as if you are in a cottage, in spite of the

    anthill under the sleeping bag, a swarm of mosquitoes at night, and

    cool dampness in the morning. Don’t think that such amusements

    are only for reckless students. Try it, and perhaps it will make a new

    impression on you. Clothes that smell of smoke from the fire, the fir

    needles in your hair, and a lot of tenderness – you will recall

    this memory for the rest of your life with great pleasure.

  • On the roof of the house.

    Being on the roof, you will have a wonderful view, but even if the view

    is ugly, don’t be upset; you have climbed the roof not to admire

    the surroundings. The sky and the clouds will create a romantic atmosphere.

    Of course, you may be disturbed even here; a lot of citizens use a roof

    as a solarium, but you can pretend that you have come here simply to


  • To breathe on the balcony.

    Sex on a balcony is almost the same as on the roof, but it is less extreme

    and more comfortable – it is cleaner and nobody will notice you

    (if the balcony conceals you from the neighbors). An ideal pose is to

    stand with your partner behind you. It is not that necessary to undress,

    but you may take off the skirt and pants – nobody will see it

    from the street. The charm of this kind of sex is evident on warm summer

    nights after a hot day.

    To spread the straw.

  • If the desire has caught you during a walk, you have not had time to

    think about comfort. Only be sure that there is nobody close by. If you

    want to make a picnic with an intimate purpose, don’t forget about


    1. You need a soft rag or a covering to put on the prickly grass, the

      wet ground, or the sharp stones. A couple of towels and napkins won’t

      be unnecessary.

    2. Take some newspapers and a cigarette lighter in order to make a fire.

      The romantic picnic won’t be so attractive without it.

    3. Take sandwiches, fruit, drinks, and a bottle of water in order to

      wash the hands.

    Question and Answer

    Andrew Evgrafov, a sexologist:

    Not sweet lips.

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