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Outside Your Comfort Zone

My husband always asks me to wipe off the lipstick before sex. Why, I wonder?


Some men don’t like the taste of lipstick, and others don’t like the concrete color of lips. Many men hate dark red, orange, and violet hues. For instance, 32% of Australians are crazy about women who use bright red lipstick and 63% of French men get excited only when they see unpainted lips. In fact, many men don’t like bright makeup, though, of course they don’t decline kisses and sex because of it.


Guilty without fault.


One day I learnt that my husband was unfaithful to me. Perhaps, I would have forgiven him, but it turned out that a woman whom he visited was the first harlot in town. When I asked him, “Why have you done it with that woman?” he answered that he could afford anything with that woman. I’ve never said “No” to him whatever he suggested. What’s the matter?


We can explain the behavior of your husband. Even though you never refused him in his intimate requests, he may never have suggested to you the things he dreamt of secretly. His love for you didn’t let him do the things he considered vile to you. The actions with a woman he didn’t love were unnecessary. If you let your husband know that you were ready to have more extravagant sex you could have avoided the adultery.


Is it difficult for you?


According to the research, people try to make love (though not always successfully) in the following unusual places:


  1. in the natural reservoirs or near them – 38%
  2. in the hayloft – 29%
  3. in the huts – 18%
  4. in the field or on the meadow – 14%
  5. on the beach – 3%
  6. in the open air during a thunderstorm – 7%
  7. under the sky filled with stars – 4%


92% of the questioned people agree that the rise in adrenalin during intimate contact in such circumstances, and the spontaneity of the act raise the receptivity to sexual irritants.

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