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Sexual Styles and Preferences

once every three months. Your sentimentality, perfectionism, and idealization

lead you away from reality.

There is a solution.

It is clear that men like spontaneous sex. Using only a glamorous style

of sex is not wise – you risk loosing your partner. If you sometimes

feel that your partner is not very enthusiastic while making love, then

it is because he just wants to get sexually discharged. Try to understand

this. Alternating “animalistic” and “romantic”

sex enriches sexual life.

  • Extravagant style.

    Once you have realized that your natural female temperament and the

    specifics of your personality do not interest men, you chose an extravagant

    style of attraction. Of course this tactic attracts some men, but many

    get alarmed because they feel the behavior is unnatural. You force your

    nature elsewhere and instead of following your sexual wishes, you spend

    time inventing new sexual tricks. This act may be interesting, but your

    true feelings stay unsatisfied (and even unrealized). Is it just?

    There is a solution.

    Rushed desire to keep your partner harms you, and you have to get stop

    this. If you have enough energy to stage erotic presentations for a

    man, you have sufficient strength to make your sexual wishes come true.

    Become self sufficient, follow your sexual wishes, enjoy nourishing

    your thirst and the tendency towards insincere actions will disappear,

    along with nervousness, which follows you not only in sexual but also

    in other fields of communication.

  • Insulted style.

    You are not sincere and your partner always has to guess if he satisfies

    you or not. Only by strained silence and refusal to have sex can he

    understand that he did something wrong, but precisely what he did wrong

    is unknown to him. A man oriented towards open and sincere relationships

    will not bear this for long. An indifferent partner who focuses only

    on his own satisfaction can stand this for years, but do you want such

    a husband?

    There is a solution.

    It is necessary to learn to explain your needs so that the husband knows

    what’s going on in your head. Most likely he is not a magician

    and can’t guess what your secret feelings are and what you expect

    from him. Give him instructions, preferably detailed.

    Some other forms of intimate clues can be useful: passionate sounds,

    verbal forms of delicate refusal or approval (for example, “I

    like when you do this”), after-sex words of praise. But to make

    all this true you need to tune your relationships. Without full understanding,

    it is impossible to reach openness in sex.

  • Playful style.

    For you, sex is an interesting game, which includes many variants. The

    problem for most people is that they treat sex too seriously, worry

    too much about their success, and don’t let themselves fool around.

    As a result, in intimate situations, they feel bound to act “correctly”

    from their point of view. You, on the other hand, act as you want, giving

    yourself a high-quality sex life. That’s the way to go! Of course

    many things depend on your partner. Is he able to play the game? You

    can lead almost anybody in this attractive world of love, though naturally,

    there are exceptions.

    There is a solution.

    You need a partner who is playful. If you are in love with another type,

    don’t expect that your actions will immediately make him fool

    around and joyfully spend time in bed. It will take you many months

    to convince him that sex is not hard work but pleasurable and fun. Tactfully

    and patiently explain to him that erection is not the reason for sex

    and orgasm is not the main aim. Only don’t forget to praise his

    stamina and patience, otherwise he will be insulted and will try to

    protect his own self-esteem.

  • Question and Answer

    Banned fruit

    My husband insists on having anal sex. I have never done this and

    am not sure if it’s a good thing to do. What would you advise?

    Anal sex (penetration of the penis inside the anus) is not a very popular

    thing in our sex culture, but this form of coitus exists. Anal sex can

    be pleasurable for a woman only if the partner is experienced and can

    stop at your first request. Don’t forget to use good lubrication

    and a condom. Also remember that your partner should change the condom

    after having anal sex because using the same condom for anal and vaginal

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