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Sexual Styles and Preferences

sex can result in vaginal infection.

If your husband insists on having anal sex, ask him to stimulate your

anus with a finger. If you like it, ask him to stick his finger inside

a little bit - Advance further and further. If you don’t like it

or you feel pain and discomfort, you should stop immediately. As an alternative

suggest to your husband some interesting and exciting sexual games he

would not be able to resist.

Demand defines supply.

Could you list the most common male preferences in sex?

The list is standard and has been demonstrated many times on TV. Many

men like being immobilized and then watch the woman do all kinds of things

to them. Some men get excited when a woman swears while having sex. Men

also like alternation of harsh and soft foreplay. Many men like masquerade.

Beautiful underwear turns on French, German, and American men. On the

other hand, English men can easily get excited if you hint that you don’t

have underwear on at all. Men willingly agree to have sex in unusual places,

for example, in the sea when there are a lot of people swimming around,

or in the kitchen when guests are in the next room.

There are some pure physiological preferences. Asian men adore blond

and slim women. Italians fall for ladies with big hips. Americans dream

of making love with “Miss Breast”. More exotic requests are


Not only sex

The degree of harmony in sex life not only depends on sex types

of partners but also on:

  • the condition of health of both partners
  • way of family life
  • stresses
  • job-related stress
  • sexual and life failures
  • psychological and sexual stresses
  • willingness of both partners to reach harmony in bed and build a

    comfortable relationship

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