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12 Ways to Use Color to Influence Your Life

Ancient doctors were the first to suggest the relationship between color and its effect on the human body. In some cases, colors have been suggested to be the cause of different, sometimes serious, irregularities within the body. These facts were proven by modern scientists, who study a new science called chromotherapy. Chromotherapy is a type of therapy which heals using light of different colors.


Light, in its basic form, is energy moving through space as electromagnetic waves. Waves of different lengths, radiated by objects of different colors, have varied effects upon the human body. For this reason, it’s believed that a careful selection of colors can influence the mood, general state, and even sexuality of a human being. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to what colors dominate your bedroom.


  1. Young spouses (who intend to have children) can have bedrooms with varying color schemes. Bedrooms of spouses with a long family life should be of two or three colors.
  2. If both spouses work in mentally-challenging careers, they should sleep in beds of blue. If their work consists predominantly of physical labor, their beds must be green.
  3. If one spouse has a weak sex drive, hang purple curtains on windows and lay a purple carpet on the floor. It is also advised to switch on a lamp with a red lampshade while engaging in sexual activities.
  4. Individuals with a strong sex drive who may be inclined for unfaithfulness should have at least two elements of light-green in their bedroom.
  5. Bashful individuals, or partners who aren’t sexually adventurous, should purchase emerald bedding. Emerald is known to excite and add courage.
  6. Women who have difficulties becoming pregnant should hang light-blue curtains on their windows and fasten a red bow to each one.
  7. Partners who feel that they are losing an emotional bond can renew their feelings by means of dominant dark-golden in their bedroom.
  8. Partners who have a tendency to argue should avoid light-yellow, orange, and light-red colors and instead surround themselves with dark-blue or dark-yellow.
  9. Overweight individuals should avoid any elements of orange, otherwise they will tend to eat every evening before going to bed.
  10. Spouses who can’t get used to each other’s company should have a white bedroom consisting of a lot of green elements and natural flowers.
  11. Partners who are lacking intimacy should have a bedroom of violet, and then their intimacy will become more spiritual.
  12. A piece of advice for everybody: avoid brown in your bedroom as it intensifies the process of senility.

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