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Advice For Women On Being a Passionate Lover

Men love sex, and they love women who love sex…


  1. A man and woman shouldn’t make love on a full stomach. If you do, there’s a good chance your partner is going to be sleepy and inert because the blood flows to the stomach, not to the other organs.
  2. There are several food and drink choices that are ideal before having sex. Aphrodisiacs such as seafood and oysters are good choices. Milkshakes with fresh fruit, scrambled eggs, crackers with caviar, a shot of anise vodka, steaks with onion, and other onion dishes are other possible choices. Foods such as chocolate, cedar nuts, sour cream with greens, spicy dishes, and vegetable and fruit salads also work well. Some examples of drinks include wine, cognac, hot chocolate, and strong tea or coffee.
  3. A good lover always knows what her man wants. It is important to remember that sex starts with the sharing of thoughts, feelings, and emotions long before the actual act of intercourse occurs.
  4. You should give the man what he wants, surround him with your tenderness, and fulfill his wishes without being annoying. For example, don’t torture him with your phone calls and demands for his attention. The strongest ties are invisible, and a skillful temptress twines her man’s body, soul, and brain with them.
  5. Geishas had their own method of attracting men: they imitated men’s gestures, words, and facial expressions. Psychologists believe that if you want to make a new person attracted to you, you should imitate this person. It’s likely that a contact is established subconsciously on the basis of ancient instincts, which can still be observed in animals. The man you are imitating will subconsciously take you for a member of his tribe, and it will seem as if you are both dancing a type of ritual dance.
  6. A good lover can’t be a heavy shopper. Meeting the requirements of your man, even if you don’t see him, is tuning yourself into Mr. Right.
  7. You should give everything you have when building a relationship with a man. Eliminating the fear of spoiling the man you love without expecting anything in return is ideal.
  8. After the first night spent together, don’t rush your man by asking, “When are you going to come?” It’s important to make him feel that he’s the boss. A wise woman is never annoying.
  9. Men don’t like being forced to make a choice. If he’s feeling lost, angry, or even being absolutely illogical, let him handle it. Why test his feelings? Use your energy to make his feelings of independence stronger.
  10. Complaining is the last thing a woman should do. As a rule, our problems seem unimportant and our complaints are whims. Men’s problems, on the other hand, are REAL. When you have problems, forget that you have a man so you can rely on yourself. Turn to him only in case of a real emergency.
  11. On the whole, men don’t care (at least at the beginning) if you enjoy yourself in bed. Very few men will know if you fake passion in bed for the purpose of flattering their ego. Many plain women have conquered handsome and wealthy men’s hearts because they knew this. You should also only demand pleasure if you are sincerely loved.
  12. There’s a myth that men don’t like clever women. They do, however they don’t like women who constantly show how clever they are and make them feel stupid. A truly wise woman never makes a man feel that she is intellectually superior.
  13. Having the ability to make your house beautiful and cozy always helps. Men like coming home to a neat and nice-smelling house.
  14. A good lover is well-aware that love is less important for men than it is for women. Because of this, don’t torture your man by begging him to say how much he loves you.
  15. If your man isn’t absolutely faithful to you, it’s useless to question him because he’s not going to tell the truth. He isn’t, after all, your property.
  16. Next rule: never teach him how to live.
  17. Be able to forgive and to forget mistakes. To forgive is to forget -- or pretend to have forgotten.
  18. A good lover always remembers that men are scared of the idea of a woman who will use and rob them. Showing this type of attitude can scare them off.

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