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Keeping Your Skin Young

The older we get, the more we are concerned about ways to keep our skin smooth and fresh. Of course, time has no mercy for anyone, but we can try to slow it down.


How can we reduce the signs of aging?


Try different anti-aging products to find out what works best for your skin. Always use make-up removers and apply some cream or gel on the eye area – they reduce the appearance of fine lines. Don’t forget about your lips – they need special care too. Use body lotions to moisturize and tone your skin.


When should we start using anti-aging products?


The best age is 35-40. However, it may be different for different skin types – dry skin ages faster than oily skin. Most anti-aging products have heavy ingredients; so if your skin is dry and you’re under 35, consult the doctor first. To reduce the number of lines under your eyes, you can use sunglasses with good SPF-protection.


Do laser treatments also reduce lines?


Yes, laser therapy, done by professionals, is very effective. It also works well with acne.


Is it true that sunbathing stimulates the aging process?


Sunbathing not only make lines appear, but it can lead to some forms of cancer. If you still want to look bronzed, use different self-tanning products.


Should we use anti-aging products that contain SPF?


Your skin needs a good moisturizer with SPF. They protect your skin from UVA-rays that touch the deep skin layers and cause early aging. They also destroy collagen cells that are responsible for the elasticity of skin. The number of collagen cells in your body decreases with age (a natural process), and the sun only makes it worse.


What can we do to protect our skin from the sun?


Solar radiation does great damage to your skin, so use products with high SPF protection (not less than SPF 20 for your face and more than 15 for the body) before you go out.

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