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Ten Ways to Build a Successful Career

decide who you will sell your knowledge to. Are you going to work for

an authoritative company or as a successful individual employer? Or, perhaps,

you want to work as a non-established worker for several companies or

people? You can personally create a company that will sell your services

to other companies or individuals. You should choose such people or companies

that evaluates your labor in the best way and can provide you with the

stream of a well-paid job.

You have basic clients that influence successful continuation of your

business regardless the level you started at – as an employee, a

private producer, a small or a big employer, or even the head of a state.

In any sphere 80% of people archive only 20% of the result, and

20% of people get 80% of the result.

What does the majority do incorrectly while the minority, on the contrary,

do correctly? And, finally, who is this minority? Can you do what they

do? Can you do it better then they do? Do your clients suit you and vice

versa? Are you sure that you work in the right company, in the right department,

and do the right job? Where can you create the best impression on your

clients by making minimal efforts? Do you take pleasure from what you



your answers are negative, start thinking about the job where you can

realize yourself.

In the sphere where I worked (consultation on management questions)

everything was clear. A big client is good, a big order is good. A team

of workers consisting of numerous ill-paid young people that agree to

do routine work is also good. Close, private relationships with clients

are good as well. Good relationships with the main person in the company,

for instance with a chief executive, are wonderful. Long partnerships

with clients are perfect. Everything is so excellent that you cannot help

laughing – close relationships with the leadership of big companies

that have huge budgets and need numerous young consultants.

What gives so much profit to corporations in your sphere? Do you know

the names of your colleagues who have the highest index, but at the same

time work calmly having time for rest? What is their secret? Think, think,

think. The answer is somewhere here, you must find it. But I beg you not

to ask your boss and colleagues or search for the answer in press.

The only thing you can find there is stated and everyday truths in various

variants. Only eccentric people who are crazy about their job and are

considered heretics know the answer.

Learn from the best

In any sphere the most successful people never act or think as their

common colleagues. Though they usually do not explain secrets of their

success, we can discover them by observation. In the past people understood

it very well. A learner following his confessor, a journeyman studying

from his master, a student helping his professor, or a young painter working

with a genius – these people studied by means of finding out the

best way of acting in their profession.

Be ready to pay a high price for the right to work with the


Find every opportunity to spend time with them. Clear up where the singularity

of their method lies. You will see that they look differently at many

things, and spend their time and deal with people differently. If you

do not manage to do the same, or something even better, you will never

reach the top.

Start working on yourself at the beginning of your career.

When planning your time, give preference to activities that are more

effective than others.

Then your main purpose is to take all profit from this productive. Ideally,

you should make most of it. This is an ideal you ought to aim at.

You should not begin your business if you are not yet in the process

of intensely learning knowledge.

If, while working at a company, you get knowledge that you need, this

use can compensate your low salary. It often happens during the first

two or three years of professional careers. It can also occur when already

experienced workers come to a company that has higher standards than the

one where they worked before. In such cases training lasts for several

months, or at worst a year. When you finish this period start working

for yourself. And do not worry about your financial immunity. In any case,

a company that employs you does not guarantee you anything either.

Engage as many producers of surplus value as possible.

If you’re on the first level of the way to success, you should

learn to use your own time more properly. On the second level you should

make the results of your job profitable only to you, and on the third

level you should use other people’s power.

You won’t be able to do all the things; that is why you should

pay attention to a huge number of people who need the job you can offer.

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