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Playboys: Uncovering the Mystery

There is such a guy in every office that when he enters the room, our hearts beat faster and our lungs need more air. We need to flirt with him, show our best clothes and gossip. And what does he need?


Playboy classification


If we try to enumerate the qualities of a popular man, there won’t be many. He surely must have a good sense of humor, be charming, easy-going, and not ugly. The rest may differ from one playboy to another: he can be paunchy or balding, bold or courteous, intelligent or rather dull. Every star is greatly influenced by the public. So much depends on the surroundings and the superman himself. There’s no such thing as a clear-cut playboy, but we can distinguish between the 4 most common types.


  1. Deficiency
    Men of this type are considered playboys mainly due to the lack of serious opponents. Usually they appear in groups where there are not enough men. It’s easy, of course, to win female attention if you are surrounded by pension-age women or right-after-teenage-years girls. In such an office, every well-dressed, non-boorish, non-drunken man will be treated as a gallant Mister Handsome. For attention-seeking women a “Deficiency” is a ray of light! They are so tired of dancing with each other at corporate parties.
  2. Cowboy
    Such a guy may become very popular because of the huge amount of attention he pays to the opposite sex. He never misses a single skirt. He may not be the best-looking or well-mannered, but he’s so active that he becomes famous as a lover-hero. He likes to talk and pay compliments, and he’s always happy to please a pretty girl with chocolate or a teddy bear. Men of this type put a lot of effort into keeping their position, though it may seem as if they don’t care. Just imagine how much time he spent in front of the mirror pulling out hair from his nose or working on the turn of his head!
  3. Mister X
    These men are really handsome. They are stylish and clever; you can always find a topic for conversation with him. He has a meaningful look and a square, strong-willed jaw. Such type is usually open and friendly, but you hardly know anything about him – he’s a real Mister X. Some people say that he broke up with his wife recently; others claim that he’s been mourning his beloved after she died 10 years ago. Though he may be a good family man in reality (he just does not talk much about his life), he’s still considered a mystery. Of course, this explains the interest of impressionable women. He usually treats everybody with polite restraint, even the prettiest ones; he doesn’t want his affairs to become legend throughout the whole company.
  4. Bad Boy
    That’s the last type of playboy – ‘bad boys’. It’s a well-known fact that good girls like them; they are hard to predict, impertinent, and hardly ever boring. A Bad Boy is usually independent and proud. He looks at you with his eyes half-closed, and has a heart-breaking smile that drove hundreds of girls crazy. He seduces easily, but never pays alimony; he promises to make you a star, but disappears when you lend him money; he never misses a single party, but always comes late. When he finally appears, everybody rushes to bring him a clean glass, asks him to tell a joke, or play the guitar. He doesn’t hide his neglect of women, but instead makes them try to prove to him how wrong he is about them.


No matter what type of playboy he was at first, when he gets his fame, he easily turns up his nose and looks down on those who helped him to become somebody.


Chances of his returning your feelings


Like every fashionable thing, a playboy may draw your attention and come into your dreams. Only yesterday, you didn’t care a bit, but your co-workers’ sighs did the trick. Now you think that there’s really something in that man. You still demonstrate your indifference to him – you surely don’t want to join his fan club, but sometimes you think that you would have a better chance than the rest if you showed your interest in him. “Why would I need him, though? I wouldn’t like to be with such a flirt!” If you already fantasize, you’re not so indifferent after all.


How can you cope with this syndrome of mass-worship? Remember that every playboy is an actor playing his part. Even Mister X, with his honest look from under his perfect forehead, who acts as if he doesn’t understand why all the girls smile when he comes in, knows about the power of his

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