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12 Tricks That Men Use to Seduce Women

One day my four girlfriends and I had a little get-together with cake, fruits, and a couple of glasses of champagne -- what else do girls need? Little by little our conversation drifted to the subject of men, namely the tricks they use to charm us naïve girls. We discussed which of their tricks are most efficient. Each girl had a couple stories about how she was seduced, so we came up with a little list consisting of 12 tricks. Here it is for you to analyze and think over…


  1. The most common trick that almost all men use is “chatting up.”
    Five out of the five girls in our little group experienced it. This trick is easy to use and popular, and its psychological basis lies in the sphere of hypnosis. Fast, monotonous speech puts people into a trance, and it is a typical technique of Neuro-Linguistic Programming experts. Men use this trick in following the universal truth that “women love with their ears,” and so “men should talk to charm them.” When such an eloquent “prince” is talking and you are listening and thinking, “he’s so smart,” that’s exactly what the man expects. In fact, clever and erudite men can reach this goal while others get yawns, dull glances, and the label bore.

  2. Do you believe in friendship between a man and a woman? Most women are inclined to believe in it.
    For some reason, it flatters us when they are our friends. Deep down in our hearts, do we think that our male friends are potential or secretive admirers? It’s a well-known fact that men seek the friendship of very beautiful or very-very beautiful women. Most men just wait for the competition to eliminate. A woman willingly believes in this illusion of friendship and swallows this lie of false friendship with great pleasure. Who hasn’t been in a situation where a close friend crossed the line between sex and friendship at a party? You end up having to make a choice in the morning whether your relationship is sliding into a love-affair, or if you are parting as enemies. The scenario of returning to friendship is so rare in our culture that doing so would be almost exotic.

  3. “Tear jerking” is another trick. This is how it was used with my girlfriend.
    She worked in an average trading company, where all female employees were secretly in love with their young but married boss. My girlfriend’s immediate superior, who was an old maid in her thirties, constantly picked on her because they shared an office and she noticed that the young boss had a crush on the new employee. Soon the top management learned that the older employee had a tendency to shout hysterically, to throw stationery, and to poorly perform some of her responsibilities; and that it made the young employee cry and take sedative pills. The boss, who normally stayed away from such conflicts, decided to get personally involved to clear up the situation. He asked my girlfriend to come up to his office and they had a nice conversation; he pretended to be sort of a protecting benefactor which made her cry. My friend was impressed and swallowed the bait thinking that he was an ideal man like she had never met before. A month later they had a love affair. One may think it’s a woman’s gratitude for a man’s protection and care. Is it? That’s what the boss counted on. If you hear, “you must be very lonely,” or “he treats you badly,” or “your eyes are so sad,” this is a trick.

  4. The trick of ‘A shoulder to cry on’ is similar to the trick mentioned above, but is actually the opposite: a man is trying to use a woman for protection.
    He complains to her that he’s so unhappy. His girlfriend has dumped him and his friends, women, and parents don’t understand him. Saying this, men never forget mentioning that they’ve never had such support like yours before, and that you must be a special woman. Most women, following their motherly instincts, rush to help the poor man, and some years after they wonder why they are married to such a loser. Luckily, women have become shrewder and can’t be fooled by such stuff. There’s a type of women who avoids such complainers because they are hopeless and always see the bad side of things -- and

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