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12 Tricks That Men Use to Seduce Women

by being too good.

Once a guy took me for a bad girl and tried to use this trick. Though

I got what it was, I enjoyed the game and was saying and doing awful

things, and the guy was following me with a bashful smile, but when

we finally got to my apartment, I realized that we would end up having

sex. It was not what I wanted or was ready for, so I backed down. The

guy was furious that I had been playing a bad girl the whole evening,

and when I remarked, “I thought you knew it was just a game because

you were acting too,” he realized that I had seen through him

and was annoyed.

  • Those who love detective stories, science fiction, and mysteries

    appreciate the trick of “Mr. X”.

    This trick is all about looking mysterious, implying things, making

    sudden pauses, and appearing and disappearing at random. This trick

    is good if you are a newcomer, but if everyone knows you it’s

    hard to turn into a mysterious person (although it definitely works

    with a new girl). Your friends should be supportive and shouldn’t

    say anything about you, because lack of information is an essential

    component to your mystery. Black clothes, sunglasses, and a five o’clock

    shadow form the right image.

  • The trick opposite to the one mentioned above: “start

    a rumor about yourself”. People don’t talk about anyone.

    Only outstanding, interesting, and admired people are talked about.

    A rumor, as you know, goes around and grows very fast. Two of my girlfriends

    became victims of this method more than once. Obviously, a certain type

    of women will want to find out the truth and refute the myth.

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