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Avoiding a Man Who Cheats

The right choice is when you’re good at choosing men who do not cheat. We’ve studied different statistical data, as well as the results of psychological and astrological research, and now we are ready to present a personality chart of such a man.



Forget about NBA players. The most faithful guys are rarely higher than 5 ft 7 in. First of all, such a man has lower level of testosterone in his blood – so he won’t become a slave to his own desires. Second, he’s less popular with women (which is absolutely unfair!). Such a guy is the best type for somebody who likes quiet and comfortable life.


Very tall men are naturally less faithful.




The recent research, taken by some American scientists, showed that there’s a connection between a man’s hair-style and his behavior with the opposite sex. If he wears his hair somewhat short with a parting on the side, he’s traditional in his views. He’s serious about the marriage; he seldom cheats, and he demands the same attitude from you. This also is true about a guy with long hair. Though long-hair men are considered light-minded and extravagant, they, as a rule, make the best husbands – warm-hearted, kind, and faithful.


No doubt, a guy who has short hair with long bangs looks sexy and cool. But he may also be very selfish – such people do not care what you know and how you feel about anything (including his love affairs).




Careful study of his facial features may help you to understand some traits of his character. The Ancient Greeks used physiognomy a long time ago, and in the 1930s this method proved to be reliable (done by the professionals, of course).


Look for a guy with close and deep-set eyes; when he says he loves you, he means it! Try it yourself. His forehead must be well-shaped – oval and not very prominent. It proves that he loves his house and stability. He’s also less likely to cheat on his partner. Bulging ears speak about an attentive and caring personality. This guy is an altruist, so he’s a trustworthy lover. If he has a square jaw, be careful – he may be rather stubborn. When such a guy chooses you as his second half, he won’t let you play tricks on him.


Be more careful with far-set eyes; these guys are giddy and unstable. They need variety and strong emotions. Full lips also betray a sensitive, impulsive personality. Such men can cheat on you, lead by their whims. They will surely be sorry afterwards.




A faithful guy remembers to change his T-shirt and wash his favorite jeans, but he never dresses up. He wears simple, comfortable clothes. He can wear a single sweater for ages, but forget to iron pants or choose a matching tie. Think about this fact: if he’s faithful to his favorite shirt, he might as well be faithful to you! If he, on the contrary, follows all the fashion trends, watch out!

Real cheaters prefer black colors, love chic clothes, well-polished shoes, and dark shades (sunglasses – even inside).


The Area


It is a well-known (as well as scientifically proven) fact that the size of his testicles is proportional to his faithfulness. The smaller they are, the bigger the chances that he won’t cheat on you.


The bigger his testicles, the more sperm he has. Consequently, he might need sex much more often than you, and this will make him likely to cheat.




Find out what he does for a living – men never take jobs randomly (even when they say they do). His work may also help you to find out what kind of person he is. Very often, faithful men become teachers or work at home. They may also pick out a job where most of their co-workers will be women. Strangely enough, they get used to female attention and treat women as their colleagues or good company for lunch – nothing more. They also have to be more careful, knowing all about gossip within their group.


Be careful if he mostly deals with male co-workers or works in a place with no females. Having no women around, men are very likely to discuss their sexual life in detail, or even worse, make bets or incite each other to try ‘something new’. Another serious case is a man-boss (director, top manager, CEO). Those who coordinate and control a lot of people prove to have a rather laid-back attitude to the sacred marriage vows. Hard and nervous types of work come in last – such men always find an excuse to relax. Sometimes with another woman.


Attitude to alcohol


Most faithful partners prefer a glass of wine with dinner to numerous beers in a pub. There’s some statistical data proving that a man

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